Belchertown, MA (9385)

Belchertown, MA (9385)Belchertown, MA (9385)Belchertown, MA (9385)Belchertown, MA (9385)Belchertown, MA (9385)Belchertown, MA (9385)Belchertown, MA (9385)Belchertown, MA (9385)Belchertown, MA (9385)Belchertown, MA (9385)Belchertown, MA (9385)Belchertown, MA (9385)Belchertown, MA (9385)

"I have to admit, we decided to go with Brooks [our Independent Representative] in the first five minutes...The other places that we had been to were pushing the log home package, and I just felt like I was buying a car. Brooks and Linda made us feel really comfortable... He was very down-to-earth; he was real; he wasn't looking to sell us anything. He asked the right questions... Living here is like a permanent vacation." - Bryan and Stacey Rossano

Brooks Carswell meets with a new REAL log home owner

Belchertown, MA (9385)Belchertown, MA (9385)Belchertown, MA (9385)Belchertown, MA (9385)
Independent rep: 
Square feet: 
3 427.00
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