New Year’s Resolutions: Log Home Style

New Year’s Resolutions: Log Home Style

A lot of people, perhaps even the majority, set some sort of New Year’s resolutions for themselves.  We thought it would be fun to see how we can help fulfill some of the most common resolutions with some real log style.

1) Spend More Time With the Family

In this busy age it can be hard to get everyone together as a family.  One way to help get everyone together is to make sure there is a place that everyone looks forward to gathering.  It could be as simple as a cozy dining room with space for everyone, or a new cabin in the woods perfect for holiday gatherings and summer retreats.

And on the simpler end, keeping your home’s dining space open, clutter free and inviting is an easy step to facilitating family time.

Log home dining room

2) Eat Better

Many feel that this may be the hardest of the resolutions to fulfill.  Make it easy on yourself with an inspirational kitchen.  If you make your kitchen a place where you feel empowered to cook, with all the right tools at your fingertips, and in a space that’s clutter free, then getting carry out will become so last year.

log home kitchen with farm sink

3) Exercise More

Going along with eating better, exercising more can be tough.  Get out there and enjoy the wonderful surroundings of your log home.  Snowshoe, hike, kayak and mountain bike – after all nothing goes better with a log home than the great outdoors.

log home in snowy field

4) Stay Organized

Do this by planning your log home properly.  Plan ahead for ample closet space, built in storage, and the proper space for your hobbies.  The dining table is not the optimal place for your quilting patterns…

log home quilting room

5) Be Happy

It sounds simple, but there’s a lot that goes into being happy.  And there’s a lot about a log home or cabin that can make you happier, such as energy-efficiency that saves you money, and providing a space where the whole family will enjoy getting together.  The thought of living in a natural log home designed just for you certainly brings a smile to our faces.

log home with solar hot water heater on roof


We hope that our quick rundown of resolutions has you gotten you motivated to make it a banner year.  If you’re inspired to start designing the log home or cabin you’ve been dreaming of, then call Real Log Homes today or fill out the form below for more information. 

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