The Modern Bathroom

Last week, we discussed the American Institute of Architects (AIA) study from Q3 2016 about the growing trends in home design that are found in Real Log Homes. They also released a study in Q4 2015 about bathroom and kitchen design trends. (Unfortunately, the 2016 survey has not been published yet.) This survey, found here, revealed several fascinating ways in which bathrooms today are being designed, with a clear focus on luxury and accessibility.

While tubs like this are luxurious, they can be hard to use.

First of all, the study revealed that the number and size of bathrooms in the home are mostly unchanged from years past. The vast majority of respondents (67 percent) said that the number of bathrooms in their homes were stable, with 32 percent saying the number was increasing and only 1 percent indicating a decrease. The same fraction said that the size of bathrooms was stable, with 29 percent claiming an increase in size and only 4 percent a decrease.

Bathrooms are no longer gaining in size, but they are gaining features.

While homes may have the same size bathrooms as years past, their design is changing toward features that promote ease of use. A full 62 percent more architects reported an increase in universal design features than those that reported a decrease. You can read more about universal design in our previous post here. The most popular of these features in the bathroom was stall showers without a tub, with larger walk-in showers a close second. These types of showers are much easier and safer to get in and out of compared to a tub shower. A similar number reported an increase in doorless showers, which are also much more convenient to use.

Walk-in, doorless showers are both luxurious and easy to use.

Although these new bathrooms have great accessibility, they also feature more luxury than bathrooms of the past. Radiant floor heating was a popular choice, with 40 percent more reporting an increase rather than decrease in this feature. While we feel that radiant heat is a great choice throughout the log home, if you only add it to one room then the bathroom is a wonderful choice that makes getting into and out of the shower or bath so much more enjoyable. Upscale showers saw a sizable increase, while sensor faucets that allow for handsfree use are also increasingly finding their way into the modern bathroom.

Upscale showers and radiant heating are a great combination.

The modern bathroom is certainly one that provides greater luxury than in the past while also being easier and safer to use. And the easiest way to accommodate these wonderful bathroom features is as part of a brand new Real Log Home. Contact us here to get started with your new home and bathroom design.