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Saltbox Log Homes

Previously on this blog, we’ve discussed the defining features of log home styles such as ranches, farmhouses, lodges and chalets. These styles all rank among the most common log home styles across the country and world. Today, we will consider the saltbox style. This style, named for its resemblance to an old style of box in which salt was kept, is very common in New England for timber frame buildings yet relatively rare for log homes.

Gambrel Roof Log Homes

Most log homes, as well as conventional homes in the United States, are built with a gabled roof. While the gable roof is simple, it does have a number of drawbacks like a lack of usable space under the roof. In contrast, the gambrel roof is a unique style of roof that addresses many of the issues with gable roofs.

Bringing Curves to the Log Home

In buildings, rectilinear designs are by far the most common. This is primarily due to costs, since it is much cheaper to build a straight feature than a curved one. However, curved features are nice to have since they can be very visually pleasing. But how do you incorporate curved features into a log home, which is built from straight timbers? We feel that this Hinesburg, VT Real Log home offers many great examples of how to use curved design elements in the log home.

Home Decorating Rules to Break

Home decorating, like any endeavor that has a long history, has a number of “rules” that have developed throughout the ages. Some of these rules, like arranging furniture in order to maintain a good traffic flow in the home, are as good advice now as they have been forever. Some of these rules, however, merely reflect trends that were once in style but are no longer necessarily desirable. Here is our list of some of the top “rules” of decorating that were meant to be broken.

Real Log Style Comes Home

This will be the last week for the Real Log Style blog at But don’t worry, dear readers, for the blog isn’t going away but merely moving to a new location! In two weeks, after a week off for the holidays, the blog will resume directly on Real Log Homes’ website. This is a part of a large update to the Real Log Homes site which just went live. With the new site come plenty of great new features. Here are a few of the biggest improvements.

Design Tips for a Comfortable Home

In winter, it seems that comfort is the theme of the season. Comfort food is the dish of the day, and we gravitate to comfortable clothes. So, it’s only natural that this time of year gets us thinking about what makes a comfortable house. Many people think that furniture is the biggest factor that determines whether a home is comfortable. While that does help, there are many aspects to a home’s design that influence how comfortable it feels. Here are a few of the most important factors that go into a comfortable house.

The Perfect Winter Home

Log home owners are usually people for whom the outdoors are a second home. Even so, they tend to have mixed feelings about winter. For many, it is one of the greatest seasons of the year, especially for those who enjoy skiing or other winter sports. For others, the winter is a harsh season that is best over as soon as possible. Both camps can agree on one fact, though; log homes are the perfect home in the winter months.

Designing the Perfect Dining Space

A recent trend in homebuilding has been to do away with the dining room entirely. The thinking has been that homeowners no longer want the hassle of a separate and formal room and that all entertaining would take place in the great room. Recent surveys, however, have shown that most homebuyers want a formal dining area separate from the kitchen and great room. Here are some ways to design the perfect dining room for your lifestyle.

Lakeland Log Homes Model Home in Minnesota

While log homes can look great on paper, to truly appreciate their nature you need to experience one in person. Given the huge scale of the logs, no drawing can make you feel the sense of awe you get from living in a Real Log Home. For this reason, many of our Independent Representatives have model log homes that they use to show off the features of a REAL™ Log Home. Here is a look at one of those model log homes.

Log Homes and the Pendulum Clock

This Sunday marks the end of daylight saving time in the United States as well as Canada. For many other countries in the northern hemisphere, summer time ended last Sunday. At this time, we set our clocks back an hour, and are reminded to check our smoke and carbon monoxide detector batteries as well. We thought this would be a great time to look at pendulum clocks, which are a fixture in many log homes.


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