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The HoliMont: A Perfect Winter or All-Season Real Log Home

Last January, we featured the Littleton floor plan and highlighted its use as a grand ski lodge. While the Littleton is a fine home, at 3773 square feet it may be a bit large for a smaller family. If you are looking for a more average sized log home ski lodge, then the HoliMont plan may be just for you. Even if your log home ambitions don’t include winter sports, this charming 2576 square foot plan has a perfect design for an “aging in place” retirement home. Join us as we explore what makes the HoliMont the perfect log home to spend your winter weekends or live out your retirement.

Homepath™: Construction

This month, we’ve been featuring Real Log Homes’ Homepath™ system. Guiding you through all aspects of the home building process, Homepath™ concentrates on the important aspects of Design, Materials, Manufacturing, Construction and Support. Now that we have highlighted the quality materials and manufacturing processes that go into a Real Log Home, construction can begin.

Homepath™: Materials and Manufacturing

Last week, we introduced you to Real Log Homes’ Homepath™ system for guiding you through the building of your log home. Homepath™ consists of five parts of the log home building process that matter the most – Design, Materials, Manufacturing, Construction and Support. Last week, we concentrated on Design since it is important in the initial phases of the build. However, a home’s design would be worthless if it did not incorporate top-quality Materials and Manufacturing processes. Here are some of the ways that the Homepath™ system ensures excellence in Materials and Manufacturing.

Keep Your Resolutions With Homepath™

With the New Year upon us, many people find it the time to make resolutions. Almost universally, people try to use their resolutions as a way of forcing themselves to do something unpleasant. For this reason, most people will fail to keep their resolutions within a few weeks of making them. We think the best way to avoid this fate is to make a resolution about a goal that you really want to keep. If you desire to build your own log home, just starting the process can seem like a daunting exercise. That’s why we created the Homepath™ process to guide you through building a log home. If your resolution is to build a log home this year, Homepath™ will help guide you through the process.

Last Minute DIY Log Home Gifts

Christmas is only four days away, so if you haven’t finished your shopping time is running short. If you were looking to buy a gift that needs to be shipped, it may already be too late. But fear not, for there are many gifts that you can make yourself that have more charm and convey deeper meaning than gifts that can be bought from a store. If you are even remotely talented at woodworking, then you can construct many gifts that would especially suit a friend or family member that owns a Real Log Home. Here are a few gift ideas that would be a great addition to the log home.

Illinois Log Home Brings Real Log Style to Christmas Decorating

With Christmas only a week and a half away, if you haven’t already, it’s time to get your Christmas decorations in order. While you can decorate a log home just as you would any home, there are certain features in the log home that call out for attention when decorating for the holidays. When we began writing this post, one Real Log Home immediately came to mind, a home located in Godfrey, Illinois. The owners certainly had a knack for Christmas decorating and the pictures illustrate the unique ways you can decorate this season.

Fireplace Accessories for the Log Home

Last week, we wrote about the great appeal that a fireplace or woodstove has in the log home. And while a grand stone fireplace can have great beauty on its own, fireplaces and woodstoves need to be used to reach their full potential. There are several tools for tending a fire, and each has its niche. Here are some common accessories for the fireplace and woodstove, including ones that would make great gifts for a log home owner!

The Fireplace: Heart of a Log Home

Today, sixty percent of all new homes constructed contain at least one fireplace, up from thirty-six percent of new homes in 1970. And while fireplaces are becoming more commonplace in other homes, they are almost de rigueur in the log home. Without a fireplace or woodstove, a log home just seems incomplete. Of course, just as there are varying log home styles for different buyers, there are also all manner of fireplaces and woodstoves.

Is A Slab or Basement Best For My Log Home?

Choosing a foundation type for your log home is a decision that involves many considerations. Your build site weighs heavily on the decision, in terms of climate, building codes, and local preferences. Certainly, your personal preferences also influence the decision, as do budget and how you intend to use your log home. Below, we’ll explore these issues and how modern building has changed some of these considerations.


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