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Preparing the Log Home for a New Dog

Dogs can be regarded as the most popular pet in America, with more households owning a dog than any other animal. (Although there are more cats and fish kept as pets than dogs, since those who keep them tend to own more than one.) The author’s recent adoption of an energetic puppy has turned her thoughts to the many considerations and preparations that need to be made before bringing a dog home.  We’ve outlined a few of the many important considerations for the home.

Meet the Builder

In June, we featured profiles on four of our Independent Representatives (IRs) with whom we have worked the longest. One of those IRs is CM Allaire & Sons, and we encourage you to read the post on them if you’ve yet to do so. In two weeks, CM Allaire & Sons is having a Sunday open house at their model home. Here’s a look at the model home, and the Mendon floor plan on which it is based.

Selecting the Perfect Chandelier Size

As its name implies, the chandelier started out its life as a holder for many candles. The earliest chandeliers were only found in the wealthiest of homes, and were so expensive that they were actually moved from room to room rather than being fixed pieces. Over time, chandeliers became more common and less expensive, and are now to the point where a great deal of homes have them. Here are some tips for selecting the perfect size chandelier for every space in your log home.

Managing Kitchen Odors

This week’s post was inspired by a little mishap with the blender the other day that led to a small explosion. What began with the wonderful aroma of garlic, onion and and fresh herbs turned into a much more funky odor over the next couple of days when it was discovered that some of the bits had actually fallen into the downdraft kitchen vent (you know, the kind that are flush with the stove, not the ones that rise up).

Iron Details in the Log Home

Two weeks ago, we discussed how the metal roof is a great choice for the log home. While metal (usually steel or copper) roofing is a good choice on the outside of the home, the inside of a log home is also a great canvas for metal accents. Usually, cast or wrought iron is the metal of choice on the inside. These metals have a rugged appearance that fits right in with the log home character. Here are a few ways these metals are used around the log home.

French Terms Around the Log Home

The home as we know it is a concept that originated in the Netherlands. Despite this, many of the words we use to refer to items around the home are French in origin. This may seem peculiar, since the English language contains approximately the same number of words of French and Germanic (including Dutch) origin. In fact, it is an interesting consequence of English history.

The Versatile Metal Roof

In log homes, as in all homes, there are a great many materials you can choose from when it comes to selecting a roofing material. You can look at this post from three years ago for a quick comparison of roofing types. Among all homes, the asphalt shingle is the most popular choice. However, we’ve noticed that the metal roof has above average popularity for the log home buyer. Here are a few ways the metal roof is the perfect complement to a Real Log Home.

California Mountain Log Home

At Real Log Homes, we pride ourselves on having a complete team that provides services from design to construction and beyond. Sometimes, however, homeowners wish to work with local architects or designers. Also, sometimes homeowners will add embellishments from other providers. We are happy to work on these projects as well, and this is a story of one such log home.

The Pros and Cons of Vessel Sinks

For the past few years, a different type of sink has been gaining in popularity in both homes and commercial developments. The vessel sink, unlike most sinks, uses a washbowl that is placed on top of the countertop or vanity. This arrangement has both its advantages and disadvantages over more widely used sink styles. Here are some considerations for determining whether a vessel sink is right in your home.

Building the New Castle, Part 2

Last week, we started to tell the story of the construction of the New Castle log home. We left off with the log rafters being installed on the home. The next major step is for the ceiling to be installed over the rafters, and for the dormers to be framed. Eventually, the dormers will be clad in a log siding for a consistent look.


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