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A July 4th Celebration: A Lakeside Real Log Home in Missouri

The 4th of July is America's holiday. It marks that summer is in full swing and we look forward to celebrating the holiday by barbequing, swimming, playing badminton and other lawn games and of course, fireworks. In order to celebrate this great country in which we live, we must find an amazing location to host our annual party! The perfect venue to celebrate America is most certainly a Real Log Home. This week's featured home is a fantastic lakeside log home located in Shell Knob, Missouri.

Lighting Up Your Log Home with Natural Light

We're entering into the absolute best time of year; when the days are longer and it stays light until well past 8pm. The afternoon sun can be warm, but it also lights up your log home in a way that no table lamp could ever do. Through windows, sky lights and with the help of great rooms - the beauty of a log home can be found during the late afternoon when the sun hits the logs and your home is illuminated. Let's check out some amazing summer sunlight log home photos to see what I mean.

Special Gifts to Enjoy in Your Log Home This Father's Day

Our dads. The guys who carried us on their shoulders, taught us how to chop wood and fish. Sometimes dads can be the hardest people to shop for. Sure, they have their hobbies; hunting, fishing, gardening and taking apart complicated machinery and putting it back together. There's always the go-to Father's Day gift - socks, but a man can only have so many pairs of socks.

Let's uncover some classic Father's Day gift ideas:

Getting your Real Log Home Ready For Barbecue Season

With Memorial Day weekend upon us, it's time to clean your outdoor grills, uncover your pools and make sure your outdoor furniture is ready for your family. The task of getting your Real Log Home ready for the summer season seems daunting, but if you focus on one thing at a time on your 'To Do' list, you'll feel less stressed and get everything accomplished with plenty of time to relax before the party starts.

Making a Colorful Statement in Your Log Home

Using color in your log home sounds simple - of course there's color in your home - but it's how you use color that will really enhance the beauty already found there. There are a multitude of ways to exemplify the natural beauty of your log home by using color in thoughtful and specific ways. From kitchen cabinets to accent walls, lets uncover some great ways to add more color in your world!

Mom's Favorite Log Home Features

This Sunday, we'll be celebrating the amazing women who brought us into this world - our Mothers. If your Mom is anything like mine, she adores her log home and works hard to make it beautiful; from the flower beds outside to her amazing master bathroom. There are a multitude of features that people love most about their log homes, but in this post, I'll be exploring the features in our Real Log Homes that make our Moms the happiest.


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