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Hunting Cabins – Real Log Cabins™

Here in New Hampshire and Vermont it’s quite obvious that deer hunting season is underway.  Stopping for coffee on the way to work is full of cheerful “good mornings” from neon-orange capped men, and every so often a loud crack echoes through our small river valley.  And while these signs of hunting season are obvious to everyone, we here at Real Log Homes® are noticing one other sign of hunting season:  inquiries for hunting cabins.

A Small Log Home Floor Plan – The Augusta

The Augusta is a Real Log Home floor plan that packs a lot into 1600 square feet.  It has a first floor master bedroom, first floor laundry, and an open floor plan in the kitchen, dining and great room.  With its wraparound porch, this log home has even more entertaining space via outdoor living.  It’s no wonder why this small log home floor plan has been a popular choice for homeowners for years.

Log Home Bathrooms

There are rooms in the house that don’t often get the glamor or the attention they deserve.  They may be small, and in general we don’t spend a lot of time in them, but these are some very important rooms.  I am of course talking about bathrooms.

Bathrooms are where you go to get clean, get ready for work, and get ready for bed.  And while it’s generally regarded as a room for business only (no pun intended) there’s no reason why a bathroom shouldn’t feel just as cozy, welcoming and beautiful as the rest of your log home.

A Warm Welcome Home

A farmer's porch is simply an open, street facing porch with a covered deck. It’s a warm welcome regardless if the house is in the mountains of Colorado or the trees of Oregon. Farmer's porches lend themselves to be appreciated by home owners in all different styles of Log Homes.

Winterizing a Log Home

October has arrived and it’s the time of year for pulling up docks, and winterizing homes (including log homes).  Whether you’ll be completely shutting down a vacation log home on a lake, prepping a log ski lodge for winter ski trips, or if you’d just like to prepare your primary log home residence for the winter, we’ve got 11 great tips to keep your log home in ship shape.

1 ) Inspect log exterior

Energy-Star® Log Home

It seems that log homes don’t often get the attention they deserve with regards to energy-efficiency.  While the old log homes and cabins of ages past might have been prone to air gaps, today’s log homes are simply snug.  With today's modern manufacturing methods,  the logs for a log home are precisely cut by computer controlled machines (at least at some log home companies – Real Log Homes being one of them.)

Modern Style Small Log Home

We love log homes, but even we can admit that it is possible to over-do logs.  When the walls, ceilings and floors are all logs or wood, it might not always be the best idea to use overly woodsy or rustic log furniture on top of all that.  In fact, a home with a lot of wood in the architecture is a great canvas for showcasing contrasting styles and textures.  This home below is one of my favorite log homes when it comes to decorating with contrasting styles.  In this case, the home is a small log home decorated with an eclectic modern style.

Fire Good

It may only be the end of August, but here in New England it’s the time of year for making sure firewood is stacked for battling cold November rain and subsequent winter’s chill.  Having the warming glow of a fire in a log home is one of those ubiquitous concepts that everyone seems to agree helps to make cold weather seem less menacing.  What is not universally agreed upon though is what kind of fixture is best for making a log home feel more cozy.  Does a roaring, open, wood-burning fireplace feel the best?  Or does a wood stove put off the best heat and the bes

The Cicadas are Singing

We are getting farther and farther into August, and here in New England the cicadas are singing.  A few cool nights and everybody starts to think “Hold on just a little longer Summer!”  While Fall is inevitable, there’s still time to get out enjoy the rest of the summer.  Many of our customers find that the best way to spend those final days of summer is on the lake.  Be it a Great Lake, or a small pond, being on the water seems to have a universal appeal.


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