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Building the New Castle, Part 1

Last Week, we featured the New Castle floor plan. While the finished home as presented in that post is indeed a wonderful Real Log Home, what truly inspired us to feature this home was the story of its construction. The Crellin family documented the building of their home with 569 captioned photographs. While we encourage you to browse their gallery, here’s a look at some of the important milestones in the building of the home.

The New Castle Floor Plan

Many of us dream of building our own home, and log homes especially tend to attract these kinds of do-it-yourselfers. Naturally, people have many questions about all the steps that go into building a log home, especially if they have not built an entire home before from start to finish. So this week, we thought we would feature a floor plan that also can show all the steps that go into building a Real Log Home.

In Demand Home Features

While we all love log homes, sometimes it is necessary to move. When we must move, it is only natural to want to sell a house as quickly as possible, for as much as possible. Luckily, log homes are likely to host a number of features that help make them among the fastest selling homes on the market.

Designing a Great Master Suite

In its narrowest definition, a master suite is merely a room to sleep in with an attached bathroom. However, the goal in any well designed house is for the master suite to be an extension of the function and style of the entire home. Since we spend around a third of our day in the bedroom, we should give careful consideration to designing this space to match our lifestyle. Here are a few guidelines for designing the master suite and integrating it into the rest of the log home.

Log Wall Corners

Log Homes have a personality all their own and make a bold statement that can’t be matched by a conventional home. A given log home’s character is shaped by several factors. Certainly, the overall design of the home plays a large role, but the log profile also plays a large roll. While we have covered log profiles before, we haven’t touched on how they affect the corners where two walls meet. The different profiles have different corner styles, and these styles also contribute to how the home feels. Here are our most popular profiles and their corresponding corner styles.

Real Log Reps for Generations – CM Allaire and Sons

This month, to mark our 53rd Anniversary, we are featuring Real Log Homes Independent Representatives (IRs) who have been with us long enough to hand their companies down through the generations. Today, we are featuring CM Allaire and Sons which was founded by Charles “Charlie” Allaire in 1963. The company began as a conventional homebuilder, and with six sons Charlie didn’t have to look far for construction workers. After seeing a REAL LOG HOMES (then Vermont Log Buildings) display at a country fair and meeting Oscar Gooch of O.R. Gooch and Son, Charlie was impressed by the product and quickly decided to become a Real Log IR as well.

Real Log Reps for Generations – O.R. Gooch & Son

Real Log Homes was founded in June, which makes this month our 53rd anniversary. In addition to the quality of our homes and team members, our longevity has been driven by our outstanding network of Independent Representatives (IRs). Some of these IRs have been with us nearly since the company began, and have now handed their companies down through the generations. We thought we would spend each week this month highlighting some of these IRs. Today, we start with O.R. Gooch and Son, our oldest IR.


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