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Defining Spaces With Varying Ceiling Height

Open floor plans are exceedingly popular in new home construction, and it is easy to see why. With their great flow between the great room, dining room and kitchen, open floor plans are perfect for entertaining and everyday living. Since REAL LOG HOMES do not require load-bearing interior walls, they are perfect for an open floor plan design. Without walls, though, how do you define the division between the rooms? One great way to create separate spaces is by using differing ceiling height to your advantage.

Outdoor Log Home Furniture

While we have written extensively about furnishing the interior of a log home, now is the time of year that we all appreciate getting outdoors. In fact, log home enthusiasts are even more likely than the average person to also be outdoors enthusiasts. So, how does one furnish the outside of a home with Real Log Style? Here are a few possibilities.

When to Plant Your Log Home Garden

With the great weather most of the country has been having, and the unofficial start to summer only two weeks away, many of us have found our attention shifting to the outdoors. Indeed, the most popular posts and search terms on the blog this week have all been about landscaping. While we have recently talked about edging, and have in the past written about landscaping, we thought a focus on when to plant your garden was in order.

What Do Moms Like On Mother’s Day?

This Sunday is Mother’s Day and we would like to extend our thanks to all the wonderful mothers of the world. If you’re a frequent reader of our blog, you no doubt read our four-part series last year on what moms look for in a home. The issues of storage, entertaining space, flexibility and relaxing space are high priorities for the modern mom. Today, we thought we’d focus a bit on the question that confronts dads and children this time of year: What does mom like to do on her day?

All About Dormers

Dormers are a popular way to add usable space to a home, and they are as popular on log homes as any other style of home. The root of dormer is actually the Latin dormitorium, since lofts were common sleeping locations in early homes. While we have featured several homes with dormers, we felt a more in depth look at the various styles of dormers was in order. Here are the most popular styles used in log home construction.

A Tale of Two Real Log Homes

One of the first dates Tim and Michelle Holliday went on was to the New York State Fair. While there, they saw a small log home that a vendor had assembled for demonstration. Tim remarked that he would build a log home one day. Today, over twenty years after building their first Real Log Home, the Hollidays’ changing circumstances have brought them back to Real Log Homes for their second. Here is the story of their two homes.

Defining Your Garden Space

Throughout the development of the garden in the West, the theme of order and control of nature has been a common one. The French formal garden was an early standout, with its themes of symmetry and carefully trimmed trees and shrubs spreading to other countries. While the Colonial Revival garden does not segregate plants by type, they are still contained within rectangular beds enclosed by low walls. With this common theme of containing nature, it’s no wonder that garden edging is such an important part of garden design. Here are a few log homes that use edging to great effect.

Unique Log Home Staircases

Every home with more than one level requires a staircase. To have a truly great log home, however, you will also need a great staircase. While straight run and L-shaped staircases are the most popular designs, as they are in all homes, sometimes a homeowner wants a staircase with a bit more flair. Here are a few examples of more unique staircases done right.

Front Doors That Make a Statement

Two weeks ago, we discussed the important impression that your entryway will create on your guests. While this first room of the house is indeed important for first impressions, your guests will of course first encounter your front door. As such, the front door can help set the mood for the entire house. While a front door is usually chosen to accentuate the features of a log home, sometimes the door instead serves to contrast with the home's design. Here are a few examples of front door choices and their effect on the home.  


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