Real Log Style

A California Craftsman Log Home

When you think of a Craftsman style home, a log home is likely not the first thing that comes to mind. The Craftsman ethos, however, is a perfect fit for log homes. Craftsman style emphasizes clean lines, a solid structure of natural materials, deep eves and low-pitched roofs. All of these features naturally compliment log home construction and design. So, when a California couple was looking for a Craftsman style log home that they could retire in, Real Log Homes Independent Representative Meeker Builders was able to design and build just the right home.

A Mountain Log Home in Ohio

The Midwest is not known for its mountains, nor for its mountain style architecture. So when homeowners just outside of Cleveland went looking for a new home that fit their preferred mountain style, they came up wanting. They decided the best choice was to keep their existing 10-acre lot, but tear down their old house and build a new log home of their dreams. After researching other companies, they decided that Real Log Homes was the best company to design and build their home.

Little Details That Log Homes Get Just Right

We’ve spent a fair share of this blog’s space covering the most desirable features for newly constructed homes. Some items, like large eat-in kitchens and walk-in master bedroom closets, are very obvious features that appeal to modern homebuyers. However, there are subtler features that homebuyers look for today. Here are some of those features, drawn from the National Association of Homebuilders’ list of most likely features found in new homes this year.

Log Homes in the Early American Colonies

Next week is Thanksgiving, a holiday originating in the celebration of the first harvest at the Plymouth Bay Colony in 1621. While we are all familiar with the story of the voyage of the Mayflower and the Thanksgiving feast, we may not have a great picture of what the first homes of European settlers looked like. Although last July we discussed a broad overview of how the log home came to America, we thought now would be a great time to look at the specific places where the log home first gained favor.

Log Home Inspired Holiday Shopping

Last week, we covered some traditional as well as new ways of preparing your Thanksgiving Day meals. Naturally, immediately after Thanksgiving Thursday comes Black Friday, which has been the busiest shopping day of the year since 2005. While many of you have begun your holiday shopping already, usually retailers offer big discounts on certain items on Black Friday in order to drive sales. While you could venture out to do your shopping on Black Friday, here are a few reasons we think your shopping might best be done from within the log home.

Old and New Ways to Prepare Thanksgiving Turkey

Last week, we discussed the allure of both antique and modern appliances in the log home kitchen. Of course, either can be put to good use when preparing quality ingredients into a superb meal. And no holiday can beat Thanksgiving for the importance of a well cooked meal. With Thanksgiving three weeks away, we thought we would review a few techniques for cooking turkey, the most common main course at Thanksgiving. These methods, both traditional and new, are a great fit for the log home kitchen.

Kitchen Appliances Old and New

Although the march of technology may sometimes make it feel as if everything is changing quickly, some items we use every day have changed very little over the years. One such category of items is kitchen appliances like ovens and ranges. The gas range has been relatively unchanged in function for 150 years, while electric resistance ranges are also over 100 years old. Even seemingly new technologies like induction cooking have been available to the home cook for about 40 years. As a result, the choice of major kitchen appliances is driven more by personal taste than any modern functionality. Whatever your taste in appliances, a log home is the perfect backdrop for your dream kitchen.

Designing a Bedroom For Restful Sleep

As the days grow shorter, many of us desire an increased amount of sleep to accompany the longer nights. This occurs because your body produces more melatonin when it is dark, and melatonin causes drowsiness. Centuries ago, people did sleep longer in the winter months. With the advent of artificial lighting, however, people sleep less in the winter. This makes it all the more important to make the sleep you do get as effective as possible. Here are a few design choices in the bedroom that will help you consistently have a great night’s sleep.

Log Furniture: Yea or Nay?

Like any other abode, a log home needs to be decorated and furnished before it can truly feel like home. For most log homeowners, decorating the home is similar to any other home. However, some log homeowners like to incorporate the log theme into the furniture as well. In this post, we’ll look at a few homes decorated with different types of log furniture.

Real Log Home Shows in October and November

Fall can be one of the busiest times in the homebuilding industry. For existing projects, getting buildings enclosed and shielded against the elements before winter is a pressing concern. What really makes the season busy, however, is all the preparation work for houses to be built next year. If you’re planning on constructing a home in 2016, then now is a great time for getting ideas and drafting floor plans. Since this is such a great time of year to start planning a log home, we will be traveling to three home shows over the next five weeks.


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