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Building a Home that Promotes a Healthy Lifestyle

We all periodically resolve to live a healthier lifestyle, but finding the motivation to follow through on our resolutions can be challenging. Most of us get into a routine from which it is difficult to change. For this reason, psychologists have found that one of the easiest ways to change our behavior is by changing the environment in which we live. Since moving into a new home is a radical change in environment, it is the perfect time to make design choices that will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. If you want to design a log home that helps keep you healthy, here are some ideas to consider.

The Ranch: An Iconic Log Home Style

Last month, we covered the features that define the Chalet and Farmhouse styles, and last year we discussed what makes a home a Lodge. While these are all popular log home styles, the Ranch-style is perhaps the most iconic log home style of all. Although the term has been used to describe many different types of housing, we feel that a REAL™ Log Home is the right way to do a ranch.

Why a Log Home is the Perfect Home for Dad

This year, we took four posts to cover the features that the modern mom looks for when purchasing a home. With Father’s Day this weekend, it only seemed fair to dedicate a post to what dad’s might look for in a home. While women seem to exert a larger share of the decision making in the design and decorating for a home, it is a process that men are of course very involved in as well. Here are a few reasons that a log home makes the perfect home for a dad.

Summer Outdoor Safety at the Log Home

It’s no secret that log home owners live for the outdoors. Log homes seem especially at home in the wilderness and similarly attract those who love the great outdoors. With summer finally here, many of us are spending increased amounts of time outdoors. We thought this would be a great time to review some safety tips for the summer season. While summer may seem like a season with less safety hazards than the winter, every season has its risks that can be minimized with proper planning and care.

What Features Define the Farmhouse Style?

Last week, we discussed what features make up a chalet-style home. While the chalet is certainly a popular style with a rich history, today we will focus on perhaps the most popular style of log home. The farmhouse style does not need a digression on its etymology; as its name implies, it originated from the dwellings located on farms. Given the trees that needed to be cleared from eastern farms, it is no wonder that log homes became a natural choice for the farmhouse.

What Makes a Chalet?

A year ago, we wrote a post on the features that make up a lodge. Like lodge, chalet is an old word whose meaning has evolved considerably over time. The word comes from the Indo-European root cala, which means shelter. For much of its history, chalet did not mean much more than that, usually indicating a dwelling that a herder lived in while tending to his summertime pastures. Eventually, the chalet became a specific style of home in Switzerland and Savoy.

A Timeless Wayland, NY Log Home

In contrast with the popular image of a log cabin, modern log homes can utilize contemporary design and be quite large. The nature of the log home is determined by the desires of the homeowner. Nevertheless, many buyers appreciate the classic look of a log home with traditional design elements. This Real Log Home in the Finger Lakes region of New York is an average-sized home that packs a great many features for its size.

Building a Home for Mom: Relaxation

Happy Mother’s Day! As a frequent reader of our blog, you’ve no doubt been following our series on the features that the modern mom looks for in a new home. The last three weeks, we’ve covered the issues of storage, entertaining, and flexibility. In honor of the day itself, we’re covering relaxation, an activity all moms should be engaging in today. Since the modern mom is busier than ever, owning a home that maximizes your down time is very important. Here are some ways to design your Real Log Home to promote relaxation.

Building a Home for Mom: Flexibility

Mother’s Day is now only a week away, and we’re continuing our series on the features that make or break a home for the modern mom. In the previous two weeks, we’ve discussed building a home with proper storage and designing a home with modern entertaining needs in mind. Today, we’ll shift our attention to designing a flexible home. These days, it is more important than ever that the home can adapt throughout the years as the family’s needs change. We think you’ll see why a Real Log Home can be the perfect house throughout all the years ahead.

Building a Home for Mom: Entertaining

In honor of Mother’s Day, we’re spending the weeks leading up to May 10th discussing the features that the modern mom looks for in a home. Last Sunday we discussed designing a home with the right amount and type of storage. This week we’ll consider entertaining space, which is a prime consideration for today’s homebuyer. The way we entertain has changed and as a result home design is changing as well. As you will see, a Real Log Home can perfectly accommodate modern or more classic entertaining demands.


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