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Building a Home for Mom: Storage

With Mother’s Day only three weeks away, we thought now was a great time to focus on the features in a home that are a must-have for the modern mother. Mom’s today work harder than ever, both in and away from the home. This makes it all the more important that the home is a sanctuary that functions efficiently. There are many features that are important to the modern buyer, and we will focus on one in each of the coming weeks. This week, we will discuss the all-important issue of storage.

A Low-Stress Log Home Building Process

Many people who have built a new home will tell you that the experience can be quite stressful. With the large number of decisions to be made and tasks that need to be accomplished, building a home can create tension, especially with your spouse or partner. Luckily, if you choose to build a home with Real Log Homes, our talented staff and Independent Representatives will help to eliminate as much stress as possible from the building process. Here are some tips for ensuring that your build process is as smooth as possible.

Get a Great Start to Spring with a Real Log Home Show

The snowy winter weather in the northern half of the country has been a challenge for both existing homeowners and those looking to build. Nationwide, new home starts in February were down 17 percent from January. While that seems like a large drop, the role of weather is even more obvious when you look at the regional data. New home starts barely changed in the South, with a 2.5 percent decline, while the Northeast saw a staggering 56.5 percent drop in home construction starts.

Rethinking the Lawn

With spring just around the corner, our attention rapidly returns to the outdoors. For many log home owners, maintaining a lawn is a large part of the weekly chores. The lawn as we know it was popularized in 17th century England, where only the aristocracy could afford the massive labor required to maintain an economically useless short cut lawn. With the invention of mechanical mowers, as well as shorter workweeks, a well-kept lawn became an ideal for the middle classes as well. Recently, however, ecological concerns have caused many to rethink the role of the lawn. Here are a few ways to keep a lawn while consuming fewer resources.

Charming Eco-Friendly Log Home

Last week on our post on wells, we featured pictures of a home during and after construction. And while this home has a drinking water well, it also has a well for a geothermal heat pump. When the owners were working with Real Log Homes to design this home, energy efficiency and sustainability were top concerns. Here are the ways in which this Sudbury, Vermont home was designed to be practical and attractive while achieving the highest possible Energy Star® rating.

Drilling A Well For The Log Home

If you live in an area with fairly high population density, you probably have access to a municipal water supply. For those of us who live in the country, however, a well may be the only option for water. In some locations homeowners must exclusively use an available municipal supply, while in others homeowners can dig a well to supplement the municipal supply. Whether you need to rely on a well or are considering it as a possible supplement to an existing supply, Real Log Home’s customers often have questions about wells. Here are details on a few commonly asked items.

More Tips for Building a Great Log Home for Your Budget

Last year around this time, we wrote a post on three ways to plan a Real Log Home that maximized the amount of home you got for the dollar. While following these tips (keeping a rectangular design, choosing the right log profile, and matching your design to the lot) are certainly important, there are many more ways in which to build a budget-friendly log home. If you’re thinking about designing a log home this spring, here are a few more ways to get the best bang for the buck.

Real Log Homes Support: Homepath™ and Beyond

Last month, we wrote a series of posts highlighting Real Log Homes Homepath™ process. Since the Homepath process guides you through the processes of building a log home, we proceeded through the steps in a logical order from Design, to Materials and Manufacturing, and then Construction. The remaining component of Homepath, Support, is definitely not a “last” step. Real Log Homes’ legendary support network will be with you every step of the way through the build process. Whether you have built a home before, are apprehensively starting your first home build or are hoping to bring Real Log charm to your commercial project, you can count on our dedicated support network.


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