Mountain Style

[KAB-IN] Vermont - Renovated 1972 Real Log Homes Rental Cabin

This vintage REAL LOG HOMES cabin, built in 1972, is located in Woodstock, VT and is one of the originals! Recently renovated and turned into an Airbnb rental, [KAB-IN] is a testament to the timelessness of a REAL™ Log Home. Although we do things a little different today than we did back then, these original cabins take us back to our "roots" and remind us how far we've come.

Tipton, CA (L11385)

This home sits high atop a hill in the Sierra Nevada, which made for a challenging build site.
Complementing its special location, several features were added to make it truly unique. The
massive front entry with its scissor-truss design creates an impressive and welcoming approach
to the cabin and the trapezoidal porch post footings suggest an oversized Craftsman-style
log home. Out back, a multi-level deck overlooks the valley below; making the daunting tasks
associated with building at the top of a mountain all worthwhile.


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