Celebrate the Romance of a Log Home or Cabin This Winter

With Valentine’s Day less than a month away, and cold weather keeping us too chilled to want to spend much time outdoors, now is the time to think about all the romance a log home or log cabin can bring.  To help make your log home winter the most romantic, we have five things you need to set the perfect scene.

1)      A log home in the wilderness

log home in the wilderness This log home glows with warmth and comfort as a storm approaches.

Nothing is more romantic than coming home to a log home in the evening.  Surrounded by looming storms and winter's chill, a log home or cabin glows with warmth and comfort.  Of course the great thing about a log home is that whether it's built in the wilds of Montana, or on a small lot in the suburbs of Charlotte, NC - it will always be cozy and warm - the perfect backdrop for romance.

2)      Cozy furniture

log home great room with leather sofa This log home great room has large leather sofas, chairs and love seats - the perfect place to cozy up with a loved one and enjoy a movie.

After a long day of work or recreation, it's great to cozy up on some over sized pieces of furniture.  After all, it wouldn't be a romantic log home experience if the furniture weren't big enough for two to cuddle on.

3)      A roaring Fire

log cabin with stone fireplace A warm fireplace with a hearth big enough to sit on and warm up is a functional and romantic addition to a log home or cabin.

This may sound cliché, but not much can compare to a roaring fireplace.  Not only does it help to cut through the chill of a room, its crackling hiss and flickering flame add an air of romance to a dark cold night.  Of course, even for non-romantic occasions, it's a fabulous addition to a log home or cabin (particularly for those who also are in love with s'mores.)

4)      Dinner for two

log home kitchen with island A romantic dinner for two doesn't need to involve setting up the dining table. Keep the evening more intimate and consider sharing a meal right in the kitchen.

Sharing a meal together is a classic way to spend time with the one you love.  There's no need to eat at a large dining table when there's only two people.  Keep the occasion intimate with a setting just for two.  Put the same level of effort into the meal itself, but no need to be too formal.  After all, we're looking for romance, not a formal dinner party.

5)      A jetted tub

log home master bathroom with jetted tub This log home in Fairbanks, AK has a master bathroom with a large jetted tub next to a bay window. It's the perfect place to unwind with a glass of wine and watch the snow fall.

Perhaps it is another trite feature, but a big tub made for two adds just the right amount of romance to a log home or cabin.  Particularly if your log home or cabin is a second home where you'll be doing a lot of skiing, snow shoeing, hiking or other strenuous outdoors activities, having a place to soak tired muscles and unwind is important.

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