Enjoying Time Spent in the Great Indoors – Log Home Style

Here in New England we recently experienced quite the blizzard.  With this experience we’ve all become newly familiar with the concept of staying in.  When trapped indoors for a while, it can make you think about your home in new ways.  From ‘I have got to get rid of that old wallpaper’, to ‘thank goodness we installed that new furnace last year!’  Being stuck indoors may even have you dreaming of a new home or cabin.  So, to help we’ve compiled a list of the top five ways to pass the winter in a Real Log Home.

1) Bake Some Treats

log home kitchen with rustic bar stools A kitchen island serves as great prep space to cut out cookies, roll pie dough, or pour fudge.

Nothing says warm and cozy like sweet and savory treats from the oven.  A nice new kitchen with ample counter space to roll cookie dough helps make the experience that much more enjoyable.  Check out one of our favorite winter cookie recipes here.

2)  Watch a movie

log home great room with sectional couch big screen tv and soapstone stove This log home great room has a soapstone wood stove, comfy furniture and a big screen TV. We can't think of a better combination to help pass the time on a cold winter's day spent indoors.

So long as you have power and some movies on hand, this is a great way to spend some time during rough weather.  Of course the experience is all the more enjoyable in a comfy log home with space for everyone to sit and enjoy.

3)  Get Crafty

Quilting room in log home with quilt pattern floor Quilting is a popular hobby and even without power, can still be enjoyed. As a bonus, your new quilt will help keep you extra cozy during any blizzards.

If you have a passion for crafting, then what better time to do it than during a blizzard.  While many hobbies, such as wood-working require electricity, there are many hobbies which do not.  Quilting and painting can be done without power.  And if you have a gas powered stove, you can even do some homebrewing with or without power.

4)  Go Crazy on Pinterest

Log home stone patio Start pinning your dream log home exteriors, great rooms and kitchens. Then you can share your ideas with our design team.

One of the most popular new aspects of social media is Pinterest.  For those who use it regularly they can attest at how easy it is to collect ideas together.  And, if you're planning a new log home for this year, it's a fantastic place to organize your ideas.  And, if you have a Facebook account, you can use the same login to access and start using Pinterest.

5)  Plan A New Log Home

kentucky log home first floor plan

Of course, one of the best ways to spend some time indoors this winter is brainstorming on plans for your new log home or cabin.  Real Log Homes has a lot of log home floor plans to look through.  But it's also a great time to get out some paper and sketch some ideas.  A basic way to think about floor planning is picture each space as a bubble, and think about what bubbles make sense to touch one another.  You likely wouldn't put a bedroom bubble touching the kitchen, but it may touch the living room.

But don't feel too overwhelmed.  One of the best ways to get started is to call Real Log Homes.  Their design staff would be happy to listen to your ideas, review your Pinterest boards or just answer your questions.  You can contact them directly online, or call them at 1-800- REAL LOG (732-5564).