Celebrating Thanksgiving in Real Log Style

normal rockwell thanksgivingThanksgiving conjures many images in the minds of Americans.  From the traditional nostalgia embodied by Norman Rockwell to the sweet tastes of fresh baked delights so vivid your mouth starts to water any time you think upon it, these are the images and the spirit of Thanksgiving.  This is the time of year that log homes were made for.  And, to help celebrate one of our most cherished and most American of holidays, we'd like to highlight four of our favorite scenes from Real Log Homes through the years.  So pull up a chair and we'll pass down a helping of American made, log home legacies.

0282This log home dining room (shown at left) has been styled in an eclectic manner, with the lighting fixture exuding a colonial American flair and the dining chairs showcasing a rustic tree motif on the back slats.   Somehow the styles all work together to create a welcoming and down-home feel with grace and sophistication. The table itself can expand with the addition of leaves, making it ideal for hosting the big dinner.  Of course, plenty of good wine and bread on the table makes for a good start to any meal.

6471-GreatHouse-07Our next featured dining room (shown at right) comes from a log home built in Kentucky.  While the thought of a log home in Kentucky may lead some to picture rural country decor, this home's dining room is quite the opposite.  With its rich cherry table crafted  in true Queen Anne style, the feel of this log home dining room is nothing short of scrumptiously sophisticated.  Just one look at this spread of fruits, meats, cheeses and wine and your guests will be grinning and quite thankful indeed.

Rossano-004The next log home dining room (shown at left) is from a Real Log Home built in Massachusetts in 2002.  This home attracted a lot of attention, and was even featured in a popular national log home magazine.  You can read the Log Home Living article here.  The open floor plan and smart styling are key to this home's popularity.  The dining room is set here in a semi-formal fashion with roaring fire visible from the great room beyond.  The dark walnut stain, bordering on ebony, provides a fantastic contrast to the blonde finished logs, breaking up any feeling of 'too much wood'.

Slaga-007Finally, this log home (shown right) is meant to show that you don't always need a grand dining room to put on a fantastic Thanksgiving.  Since the day is all about family and friends, there's no reason that the everyday kitchen table  or breakfast nook can't serve the big meal.  This dining nook looks positively welcoming and comfortable with it's wrap around banquet seating and cozy cushion.  We can just picture sitting down here to enjoy the gift of family and savor the tastes of home cooked flavors fresh from the kitchen.

Which style do you think is ideal for Thanksgiving in a log home?  Are you interested in the formal dining room with formal furniture?  Or do you prefer the cozy banquet and rustic charm?  Leave us a comment and let us know.  You can also feel free to contact Real Log Homes if you'd like to learn more about any of the homes featured.  And, regardless of what your style is, we wish you and your family nothing but the best this Thanksgiving.