A Grand Cabin: The Cavendish

In previous years, we have had articles featuring our Real Log Cabins. Usually, we post these features in the fall, since there is something about the fall that evokes thoughts of cabins. Whether it is a hunting lodge or a ski lodge in winter, a Real Log Cabin may be just what you are looking for. Today’s featured model, the Cavendish, is a large cabin at 1136 square feet. This makes it ideal for long stays with a large group of people.

From the outside, the outline of the Cavendish remains compact yet feature full. The porch may look quaint, but with 160 square feet of space it is a great entertaining space. Entering the cabin, a closet is provided ahead in the area under the stairwell. The full bathroom is also ahead. Despite the cabin moniker, the bathroom features a linen closet and full size tub.

Cavendish Log Cabin – First Floor Plan

The bathroom is not the only impressive feature on this build, as the full size kitchen is also a great feature for extended living. At 161 square feet, it has a convenient L-layout with plenty of room for a dining table as well.

Off the kitchen is a first floor bedroom. At a bit over 100 square feet it may be a bit tight for a full-time home, but offers plenty of room for an extended vacation. As the saying goes, it’s comfortable to sleep in but not enough to keep you in bed all day. The room also hosts a sizable closet, an amenity often lacking in smaller cabins.

The living room is a grand space, with cathedral ceilings and 224 square feet of space. In this design, the first floor windows are small while the upper windows are large. This lets in copious amounts of light into the room while helping to maintain privacy as well. An L-shaped stairwell also leads from the living room to the upper floor. At the landing there is a small loft area, but the main feature of this floor is the large second bedroom. At over 300 square feet, this large room can sleep a large number of people, helping make the Cavendish a great choice for a hunting lodge that sleeps up to seven people.

Cavendish Log Cabin – Second Floor Plan

If you’d like to learn more about building a log cabin like the Cavendish, or designing a log cabin of your own, please contact Real Log Homes to learn more.  You can also gather inspiration from the log cabin floor plans on realloghomes.com.