Keep Your Resolutions With Homepathâ„¢


Our designers can help you move from a vision…

With the New Year upon us, many people find it the time to make resolutions. Almost universally, people try to use their resolutions as a way of forcing themselves to do something unpleasant. For this reason, most people will fail to keep their resolutions within a few weeks of making them. We think the best way to avoid this fate is to make a resolution about a goal that you really want to keep. If you desire to build your own log home, just starting the process can seem like a daunting exercise. That’s why we created the Homepath™ process to guide you through building a log home. If your resolution is to build a log home this year, Homepath™ will help guide you through the process.

…to a plan.

Like any complicated process, building a home becomes easier when you break the task down into smaller parts. Homepath™ consists of five parts of the log home building process that matter the most – Design, Materials, Manufacturing, Construction and Support. Some of these elements, like the outstanding Support you will receive from Real Log Homes® staff and Independent Representatives, will be in place throughout your build process. Since Design is one of the important beginning steps, we’ll start there.

Our designers have the skill to execute even grand plans like the Littleton.

One of the ways that the Homepath™ system influences Design is that our in-house design staff and our manufacturing staff work in the same building. We believe that effective communication is critically important in the Design phase and having designers and manufacturing working next to one another facilitates this communication. This dialog between the two departments ensures that the design of your Real Log Home® will proceed smoothly.

Sketches like these can help you visualize your dream log home.

Of course, the experience of our design staff is another key to the Homepath™ process. Our staff has over 100 years of combined experience with designing log home floor plans, which makes designing your dream home a satisfying experience. Many clients come to our designers with detailed concepts or sketches of their plans for the home design. Some clients draw inspiration from or wish to do an exact build of one of our Standard Log Home Plans. Still others start the process with our designers from a blank slate. Whatever your approach, we recognize every client and log home is unique and our design staff remembers that when designing your home.

If you’d like to build a new log home in 2015, then simply contact the design team at Real Log Homes today to get started.  We can assure you it will be a rewarding and enjoyable resolution (and much more fun than a diet).  Happy New Year!