Real Log Homes Support: Homepathâ„¢ and Beyond

Last month, we wrote a series of posts highlighting Real Log Homes Homepath™ process. Since the Homepath process guides you through the processes of building a log home, we proceeded through the steps in a logical order from Design, to Materials and Manufacturing, and then Construction. The remaining component of Homepath, Support, is definitely not a “last” step. Real Log Homes’ legendary support network will be with you every step of the way through the build process. Whether you have built a home before, are apprehensively starting your first home build or are hoping to bring Real Log charm to your commercial project, you can count on our dedicated support network.

Real Log Homes’ team members pose for a photo outside our factory.

The cornerstone of our support structure is our network of local Independent Representatives. Of course, our in-house staff from designers to plant managers would be thrilled to answer any questions you may have. We realize, though, that in-person support is an essential component of a smooth build process. Our network of Independent Representatives is broad, with over 75 representatives in the United States and several in foreign countries from Canada to Chile to Turkey and many countries in between. With this large network, you can be assured that someone local will be present to help you build your dream log home.

Real Log Homes Independent Representative Les Watkins of L.D. Watkins with his crew on a building site in Colorado.


Jason Arabian’s log home in Rhode Island built by Independent Rep, C.M. Allaire & Sons-

Our Independent Representatives also bring a depth of knowledge to their profession. One of our Independent Representatives, C.M. Allaire & Sons, has been building Real Log Homes for over 40 years. When Jason Arabian contracted with us to build his log home, he found this history of home building comforting. “It struck me that you don’t stay in business for 40 years unless you know what you are doing and provide a quality product,” Arabian said. “RLH and C.M. Allaire were the right choice, and that should mean something after 25 years of building this thing in my head….” Read this testimonial here or revisit the blog post we did on the Big River Lodge back in May.

Kerpel ski home in Killington, VT

Customers also have great things to say about the staff here at Real Log Homes. Talking about their Real Log Home in Killington, Vermont, the Kerpels had this to say: “In particular, Mike Heffernan [our Direct Sales Manager] is a wealth of knowledge and ensures satisfaction on all levels. We are do-it-yourselfers and his technical advice and the friendship that developed over time has been invaluable. We could not be happier and are proud to recommend Real Log Homes to everyone.”

So, now that our series on Homepath has concluded, what should your next step be if you want to build a log home? Simple. Just find your local Independent Representative here or contact Real Log Homes.