Why a Log Home is the Perfect Home for Dad

This year, we took four posts to cover the features that the modern mom looks for when purchasing a home. With Father’s Day this weekend, it only seemed fair to dedicate a post to what dad’s might look for in a home. While women seem to exert a larger share of the decision making in the design and decorating for a home, it is a process that men are of course very involved in as well. Here are a few reasons that a log home makes the perfect home for a dad.

Whether grandiose or cozy, a Real Log Home is the perfect home for dad and the rest of the family.

Man caves are a concept that come up frequently; we’ve even devoted posts to these spaces. While the media like to promote this concept, a Trulia survey from 2011 revealed that only seven percent of men wanted a man cave. This is all the more true of dads, who cherish the limited time they get to spend with their family. Why then the focus on the concept of a man cave?

With a kitchen like this, who needs a “man cave”?

The concept originated as a belief that since women controlled the décor of the remainder of the home, a man needed a place to make his own. We feel that the nature of a log home prevents this from being an issue in the first place. The rugged appeal of a log home means every room has a masculine appeal, while the warmth of wood means it appeals to all members of the family as well. Thus, every room can take the place of a “man cave”, and dad is not segregated from the family he loves.

The bedroom of this log home appeals to both traditionally masculine and feminine aesthetics.

To most dads, being a “provider” for the family is a source of great pride. While many people only think of this in a financial sense, providing a home that the family can be proud of is important to dad. A Real Log Home, with its massive log walls, provides a sense of stability and durability that every good home needs. Yet it provides this sense of security without ever being boring, thanks to the unique charm of a log home.

A Real Log Home provides a charming yet secure home for you and your family.

We hope all you dads out there have a wonderful Father’s Day. If you are looking for a Real Log Home to spend your future Father’s Days in, please contact us.