You Don't Need a Big House for Big Family Gatherings

Memorial Day weekend is almost here, and we're all getting excited for the official un-official start of summer.  Many people are bracing for big crowds as the hosts and hostesses of family barbecues and gatherings.  It gets a lot of folks wishing for a floor plan that's ideal for entertaining, with open spaces, lots of storage to hide clutter, and easy access to outdoor living spaces.  Unfortunately a lot of people then start thinking, "But I don't want a huge house!"  But really, you can have a house that works very well for big gatherings, and is quite comfortable all year round.  We truly love this project as an example of a not-too-big log home that works very well for gatherings.

Log Home Project #9952 First Floor PlanIn this floor plan, you can see that the kitchen, dining area and great room are all open to each other.  This provides a lot of space for guests to feel comfortable and feel like they aren't secluded from the party.  And, if you're hosting the party and need to spend some time in the kitchen, you'll also still feel like part of the party.

Log Home Project 9952 KitchenThe kitchen has a bar counter ideal for guests to gather at.  You'll see that there is a door at the rear of the kitchen.  Behind the door is one of the best assets a host or hostess has; a large pantry.  Proper storage allows you to keep your counter tops clear of extra appliances that you don't use everyday.  It frees up counter space for more important Memorial Day treats like pie!

Log Home Project 9952 ExteriorAs you can see in this exterior photo, the porch runs the full length of the home; providing a lot of space for outdoor furniture to allow the party to flow outside in nice weather.  You'll also see that guests who park in the driveway can enter the home directly into open living space, providing great traffic flow for guests to come and go.  And while all this partying is going on in the open living spaces, a guest bedroom is tucked away down a short hall to keep it more private.  All of this in a plan under 2,280sf!

On a side-note; all of these details that perfectly suit the family who owns this home, were actually modifications to a standard log home plan: