Who doesn't wanna getaway?

It seems as though a lot of people have misconceptions about log cabins.  We hear a lot of talk of "roughing it" and "primitive" but it really doesn't have to be like that.  The Real Log Cabins offered by Real Log Homes are weather tight and can have as many amenities as you'd like.  One of the best examples of a log cabin that is small on square footage, but big on comfort is this cabin built in Chester, CA.

Log Cabin in Chester, CA

The exterior of the cabin is both inviting and charming.  The log truss that supports the roof over the porch provides a feeling of substance right off the bat.  The cabin seems to say "I'm not some dinky cabin with tiny logs, I am a real structure to stand the test of time."  For a cabin of only  628 sf., that says a lot.

Log Cabin Kitchen

The cabin also comes complete with some high quality amenities that people might not expect from a log cabin, such as granite countertops and double ovens.  It just goes to show that a log cabin can be whatever you want it to be; all the way from "roughing it" to "living in luxury."

Eco-Friendly California Cabin Main Level Plan Eco-Friendly California Cabin Cabin Loft Level Plan
Main Level Loft Level
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