The Cicadas are Singing

We are getting farther and farther into August, and here in New England the cicadas are singing.  A few cool nights and everybody starts to think “Hold on just a little longer Summer!”  While Fall is inevitable, there’s still time to get out enjoy the rest of the summer.  Many of our customers find that the best way to spend those final days of summer is on the lake.  Be it a Great Lake, or a small pond, being on the water seems to have a universal appeal.

One project that comes to mind when thinking of enjoying those ephemeral days of summer is a log home we built on a lake in Indiana.  This home was featured in 2008 October issue of Log Home Living and told the touching story of the couple whose dream it was to build this lake home.

Log Home on Snow Lake, Indiana

For more than 40 years, Brad Hahn talked about his dream log home. But when the fantasy finally took shape on Snow Lake in Indiana, Brad was diagnosed with a bone marrow disease. He had two seasons to enjoy his dream before he passed away.

Log Home Kitchen with Farm Sink

“It was his mission to do this,” says his wife, Phyllis. “It’s a beautiful place, and I love it, but it was his dream. He wanted it so badly.” The family sometimes refers to the new home as their “cottage,” but the term doesn’t begin to capture the 6,400-square-foot, three-story gem built from hand-peeled eastern white pine logs.

Log Home Sitting Room Den

With three children and four grandchildren, Phyllis and Brad wanted to make sure the house could serve as a getaway for the whole family. “There’s a lot of places to cozy up and read or relax,” Phyllis says. Brad’s favorite spot was his den, home to one leather chair, a TV and his books. He made a point of the one chair. “Do you realize that there’s no one who can come in here and bother me?” he liked to joke.

Log Home Dining Room with Stone Fireplace

Even though Brad only got to experience his log home for a few short months, his spirit still permeates the space—and his dream persists.

Log Home Porch Overlooking Lake