Hunting Cabins – Real Log Cabins™

Here in New Hampshire and Vermont it’s quite obvious that deer hunting season is underway.  Stopping for coffee on the way to work is full of cheerful “good mornings” from neon-orange capped men, and every so often a loud crack echoes through our small river valley.  And while these signs of hunting season are obvious to everyone, we here at Real Log Homes® are noticing one other sign of hunting season:  inquiries for hunting cabins.

The Expedition Cabin

This is an "Expedition" model cabin just built in Minnesota

Well, ask and you shall receive!  Real Log Homes® are ideal for hunting cabins, and we even have a special line of cabins called Real Log Cabins™.  These log cabin kits are simplified versions of our homes and can be built very quickly thanks to our extensive pre-cutting.  From small and simple, with room only for two bunks, a couch, table and counter with a sink – all the way to two story cabins with bathrooms and private bedrooms, Real Log Cabins™ can suit almost any need.

Here is the smallest standard log cabin from Real Log Homes®, "The Weekender".  This 224 square foot log cabin would make a perfect hunting cabin for short hunting trips, or weekend getaways.

The Weekend Log Cabin

"The Weekender" - Real Log Cabin model

The largest standard model log cabin from Real Log Homes® is The Cavendish.  The Cavendish is 1136 square feet with two stories.  It has two stories, two bedrooms and a full bathroom as well as full kitchen.  It could comfortably sleep up to 7 and would make an ideal hunting cabin for extended hunting trips for larger groups.

The Cavendish Log Cabin

"The Cavendish" - Real Log Cabin model

The space and amenities provided by The Cavendish also make it suitable for a vacation home for the whole family and would work great on the lake, or in the mountains.

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