Purchase T-Shirts for The Big Buzz Chainsaw Carving Festival 2019 - Sponsored by Real Log Homes

Thursday, October 10th - Monday, October 14th
The Ice House at Jackson Gore in Ludlow, VT

Order a one-of-a-kind, custom designed, 10th Annual Big Buzz Chainsaw Carving Festival t-shirt below.  

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MEN'S T-SHIRT - Color: Blackberry - Sizes Available: Medium and Extra-Large (We are sorry, this color is not available in Large.) Want a 2XL or larger? Send us an email and we'll special order one for you to be available at the show!)


MEN'S T-SHIRT - Color: Colbalt - Sizes Available: Large and Extra-Large (We are sorry, this color is not available in Medium.)


LADIES' T-SHIRT - Color: Cobalt - Sizes Available: Large and Extra-Large 


LADIES' T-SHIRT - Color: Blackberry - Sizes Available: Large Only



The Big Buzz Chainsaw Carving Festival is in its 10th year of production and proud to bring over 30 carvers from across the country and around the world to Ludlow, Vermont from Thursday, October 10-Monday, October 14th. The days are filled with sawdust flying, chains purring and sculptures coming to life. Walk around with the family, or get inspired to complete some sculptures of your own. Food trucks are abundant and special events such as the Quick Carves and Auctions, and the Saturday evening Fire Sculptures are not to be missed! This a high energy event during a beautiful time of year and fun for the whole family. Come join the carvers at the Jackson Gore Resort Ice House in Ludlow, VT for the long weekend!