designing a bathroom

The Enduring, Endearing Clawfoot Tub

While a clawfoot tub can be a welcome addition to any home, it feels especially appropriate in a log home. The robust, timeless nature of a clawfoot tub fits perfectly with the log home’s durable resilience. And if you have recently upgraded your water heater, as we discussed in our last post, then what better way to celebrate than a soak in a clawfoot tub.

Log Home Bathrooms

There are rooms in the house that don’t often get the glamor or the attention they deserve.  They may be small, and in general we don’t spend a lot of time in them, but these are some very important rooms.  I am of course talking about bathrooms.

Bathrooms are where you go to get clean, get ready for work, and get ready for bed.  And while it’s generally regarded as a room for business only (no pun intended) there’s no reason why a bathroom shouldn’t feel just as cozy, welcoming and beautiful as the rest of your log home.

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