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Planning a Log Home: The Conclusion

Sixteen months ago, we presented you a series on the steps that went into planning a small log cabin in Vermont. Posts chronicled the initial program (read post) that defined the early planning stages and the evolution of the design (read post) from concept to final plan. We had always planned to show you images of the finished cabin, but could not take pictures before the winter set in. This fall we were able to have photographs taken of the cabin, so let’s take a look!

Why Do We Move?

For existing homeowners, there are many factors that can create the desire to move. Although job relocation may seem like the most common reason to move, this is actually only the leading cause of moves amongst sellers between the ages of 45 and 54. In 2013, the National Association of Realtors took a survey on reasons why homeowners were considering a move. Here were the most common responses.

The Entryway: Making an Impression

Oftentimes we talk about curb appeal and the great affect it has on visitors’ impressions of your home. While the exterior design does have a lasting impact on how the home is perceived, the interior first impressions are also very important. The view that your guests have from your entryway will set their expectations for the home, and will also affect your experience as a homeowner. Here are a few homes with different types of entryways.

Deck Design for Sloped Lots

Like a fireplace on the inside, no log home seems complete without a deck or porch. Since the deck is such a prominent feature on the outside of the home, it can define the home’s appearance. This is especially true on sloped lots. When the lot slopes away from the rear of the home, the deck becomes an even more prominent feature. Here are a few topics to consider in order to get the perfect elevated deck.

Making the Most of a Small Kitchen

With all the features in a modern kitchen, it can be tempting to install as large a kitchen as possible. Many professional chefs, however, actually prefer a smaller home kitchen. After all, we may fantasize about cooking in a large kitchen, but no one ever fantasizes about cleaning a large kitchen! Here are some ideas the professionals use to build a fully-functional kitchen in a reasonable footprint.

Great Multi-Purpose Rooms

Last week, we discussed the etymology and evolution of a few less-common rooms that may be found in the log home. However, the general trend in the housing market is towards slightly smaller homes. This reduction in size means that for most homeowners, rooms need to be more functional and be utilized more often to make sense in the modern home. One way to accommodate this trend is through multi-function rooms that take on the roles previously served by multiple rooms. Here are a few examples of combination rooms that pull double (or more!) duty.

What’s in a Room Name?

When we think of a home, there are several rooms we always expect to find present. The kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms are all necessary components of any home. Since they are such common rooms, with common names, the purpose of each is immediately clear. However, several more specialized rooms have names with more opaque origins. Here are a few rooms that you might include in your log home, and the interesting history behind them.

A California Craftsman Log Home

When you think of a Craftsman style home, a log home is likely not the first thing that comes to mind. The Craftsman ethos, however, is a perfect fit for log homes. Craftsman style emphasizes clean lines, a solid structure of natural materials, deep eves and low-pitched roofs. All of these features naturally compliment log home construction and design. So, when a California couple was looking for a Craftsman style log home that they could retire in, Real Log Homes Independent Representative Meeker Builders was able to design and build just the right home.

A Mountain Log Home in Ohio

The Midwest is not known for its mountains, nor for its mountain style architecture. So when homeowners just outside of Cleveland went looking for a new home that fit their preferred mountain style, they came up wanting. They decided the best choice was to keep their existing 10-acre lot, but tear down their old house and build a new log home of their dreams. After researching other companies, they decided that Real Log Homes was the best company to design and build their home.

Little Details That Log Homes Get Just Right

We’ve spent a fair share of this blog’s space covering the most desirable features for newly constructed homes. Some items, like large eat-in kitchens and walk-in master bedroom closets, are very obvious features that appeal to modern homebuyers. However, there are subtler features that homebuyers look for today. Here are some of those features, drawn from the National Association of Homebuilders’ list of most likely features found in new homes this year.


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