What Makes a Lodge?

“Lodge” is an ancient word, with a history dating to the Proto-Indo-European language of roughly 5500 years ago. It originally meant the bark and foliage of a tree, evolving to mean an arbor or pergola in most languages by the 12th century. Today, the term has many meanings, but always denotes a more impressive structure. Although the term can be used for other purposes, like denoting a beaver’s den, there are three main types of buildings referred to today as a lodge. Whichever of these three types of lodge you prefer, Real Log Homes can help you build the perfect lodge.

Featured Log Home: The Big River Lodge

When Jason Arabian was designing his dream log home, he had initially chosen another company. After being dissatisfied with the design and costs, Jason was referred to Real Log Homes by a flooring manufacturer. Working with C.M. Allaire, one of our independent representatives, as well as our staff at Real Log Homes, Jason was able to design his ideal log home. He has been very satisfied with the results, and after examining the home in this post we are sure you will agree that the endpoint is a very impressive place to call home. Join us in exploring the Big River Lodge.

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