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Planning a Log Home: The Conclusion

Sixteen months ago, we presented you a series on the steps that went into planning a small log cabin in Vermont. Posts chronicled the initial program (read post) that defined the early planning stages and the evolution of the design (read post) from concept to final plan. We had always planned to show you images of the finished cabin, but could not take pictures before the winter set in. This fall we were able to have photographs taken of the cabin, so let’s take a look!

Can a Log Home Be a Cottage?

When you hear the word cottage, a log home may not be the first thing that comes to mind. Most Americans may picture a half-timbered building with a thatched roof, which is the quintessential English cottage. However, the word cottage has many different meanings throughout the world, and most of them work perfectly with log home construction.

Log Homes in the Early American Colonies

Next week is Thanksgiving, a holiday originating in the celebration of the first harvest at the Plymouth Bay Colony in 1621. While we are all familiar with the story of the voyage of the Mayflower and the Thanksgiving feast, we may not have a great picture of what the first homes of European settlers looked like. Although last July we discussed a broad overview of how the log home came to America, we thought now would be a great time to look at the specific places where the log home first gained favor.

Planning a Log Home: The Design

Last week, we started a series about a log cabin build in Vermont. While this project is a relatively simple build, it allows us to highlight the important steps in the planning process. The first step was developing a program, a set of guiding principles and needs that would inform the design of the cabin. Now that the program is in place, this week we will focus on the design of the cabin.

Planning a Log Home: The Program

Frequently, we like to feature floor plans of various Real Log Homes on the blog. These posts give you a great look at a finished project, but not a lot of insight into how that specific home was built. On the other hand, our Homepath™ series at the beginning of the year was an overview of the home building process, but only in a general sense. So, we decided to spend the next few weeks focusing on a specific Real Log Home project.

A Grand Cabin: The Cavendish

In previous years, we have had articles featuring our Real Log Cabins. Usually, we post these features in the fall, since there is something about the fall that evokes thoughts of cabins. Whether it is a hunting lodge or a ski lodge in winter, a Real Log Cabin may be just what you are looking for. Today’s featured model, the Cavendish, is a large cabin at 1136 square feet. This makes it ideal for long stays with a large group of people.

Make The Most of Every Vacation Day in a Log Home

With Labor Day only a few weeks away, it’s the time of year that many are off and enjoying summer vacations. And thank goodness for that! Multiple studies have shown that getting away and taking your vacation time is important to your health. And if after reading up on the subject (which this post should help you do) you still need more inspiration to get away for a vacation, we’ll show how a Real Log Home can provide the perfect getaway.


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