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What’s in a Room Name?

When we think of a home, there are several rooms we always expect to find present. The kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms are all necessary components of any home. Since they are such common rooms, with common names, the purpose of each is immediately clear. However, several more specialized rooms have names with more opaque origins. Here are a few rooms that you might include in your log home, and the interesting history behind them.

Log Home Inspired Holiday Shopping

Last week, we covered some traditional as well as new ways of preparing your Thanksgiving Day meals. Naturally, immediately after Thanksgiving Thursday comes Black Friday, which has been the busiest shopping day of the year since 2005. While many of you have begun your holiday shopping already, usually retailers offer big discounts on certain items on Black Friday in order to drive sales. While you could venture out to do your shopping on Black Friday, here are a few reasons we think your shopping might best be done from within the log home.

Old and New Ways to Prepare Thanksgiving Turkey

Last week, we discussed the allure of both antique and modern appliances in the log home kitchen. Of course, either can be put to good use when preparing quality ingredients into a superb meal. And no holiday can beat Thanksgiving for the importance of a well cooked meal. With Thanksgiving three weeks away, we thought we would review a few techniques for cooking turkey, the most common main course at Thanksgiving. These methods, both traditional and new, are a great fit for the log home kitchen.

Early Planning for The Changing Seasons

Since we’re just barely starting into fall, it may seem an odd time to think about holiday entertaining. Thankfully, we do still have over two months to prepare for Thanksgiving and the winter entertaining season. Still, putting off all the preparations until just before the holidays can create quite the stressful situation. Instead, it’s best to start preparing early so that you don’t have to undergo a last minute rush. Here are a few ideas for items to prepare now, that will both aid your guests and make your home more relaxing for you as well.

Building a Home for Mom: Entertaining

In honor of Mother’s Day, we’re spending the weeks leading up to May 10th discussing the features that the modern mom looks for in a home. Last Sunday we discussed designing a home with the right amount and type of storage. This week we’ll consider entertaining space, which is a prime consideration for today’s homebuyer. The way we entertain has changed and as a result home design is changing as well. As you will see, a Real Log Home can perfectly accommodate modern or more classic entertaining demands.

Last Minute DIY Log Home Gifts

Christmas is only four days away, so if you haven’t finished your shopping time is running short. If you were looking to buy a gift that needs to be shipped, it may already be too late. But fear not, for there are many gifts that you can make yourself that have more charm and convey deeper meaning than gifts that can be bought from a store. If you are even remotely talented at woodworking, then you can construct many gifts that would especially suit a friend or family member that owns a Real Log Home. Here are a few gift ideas that would be a great addition to the log home.

Illinois Log Home Brings Real Log Style to Christmas Decorating

With Christmas only a week and a half away, if you haven’t already, it’s time to get your Christmas decorations in order. While you can decorate a log home just as you would any home, there are certain features in the log home that call out for attention when decorating for the holidays. When we began writing this post, one Real Log Home immediately came to mind, a home located in Godfrey, Illinois. The owners certainly had a knack for Christmas decorating and the pictures illustrate the unique ways you can decorate this season.

Hosting a Low Stress Log Home Thanksgiving

November is here, and that means the Thanksgiving holiday is only three and a half weeks away. While many of us plan ahead for a holiday gathering, even with careful planning hosting Thanksgiving dinner can be a stressful affair. Gratefully, the open layout and rustic charm of a log home can go a long way towards ensuring a great holiday party. In order to keep the entire day low stress, here are a few tips when planning the festivities.

Celebrating Thanksgiving in Real Log Style

normal rockwell thanksgivingThanksgiving conjures many images in the minds of Americans.  From the traditional nostalgia embodied by Norman Rockwell to the sweet tastes of fresh baked delights so vivid your mouth starts to water any time you think upon it, these are the images and the spirit of Thanksgiving.  This is the time of year that log homes were made for.  And, to help celebrate one of our most cherished and most American of holiday


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