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Why Do We Move?

For existing homeowners, there are many factors that can create the desire to move. Although job relocation may seem like the most common reason to move, this is actually only the leading cause of moves amongst sellers between the ages of 45 and 54. In 2013, the National Association of Realtors took a survey on reasons why homeowners were considering a move. Here were the most common responses.

Log Furniture: Yea or Nay?

Like any other abode, a log home needs to be decorated and furnished before it can truly feel like home. For most log homeowners, decorating the home is similar to any other home. However, some log homeowners like to incorporate the log theme into the furniture as well. In this post, we’ll look at a few homes decorated with different types of log furniture.

Early Planning for The Changing Seasons

Since we’re just barely starting into fall, it may seem an odd time to think about holiday entertaining. Thankfully, we do still have over two months to prepare for Thanksgiving and the winter entertaining season. Still, putting off all the preparations until just before the holidays can create quite the stressful situation. Instead, it’s best to start preparing early so that you don’t have to undergo a last minute rush. Here are a few ideas for items to prepare now, that will both aid your guests and make your home more relaxing for you as well.

Why a Log Home is the Perfect Home for Dad

This year, we took four posts to cover the features that the modern mom looks for when purchasing a home. With Father’s Day this weekend, it only seemed fair to dedicate a post to what dad’s might look for in a home. While women seem to exert a larger share of the decision making in the design and decorating for a home, it is a process that men are of course very involved in as well. Here are a few reasons that a log home makes the perfect home for a dad.

Charming Eco-Friendly Log Home

Last week on our post on wells, we featured pictures of a home during and after construction. And while this home has a drinking water well, it also has a well for a geothermal heat pump. When the owners were working with Real Log Homes to design this home, energy efficiency and sustainability were top concerns. Here are the ways in which this Sudbury, Vermont home was designed to be practical and attractive while achieving the highest possible Energy Star® rating.

Last Minute DIY Log Home Gifts

Christmas is only four days away, so if you haven’t finished your shopping time is running short. If you were looking to buy a gift that needs to be shipped, it may already be too late. But fear not, for there are many gifts that you can make yourself that have more charm and convey deeper meaning than gifts that can be bought from a store. If you are even remotely talented at woodworking, then you can construct many gifts that would especially suit a friend or family member that owns a Real Log Home. Here are a few gift ideas that would be a great addition to the log home.

Skylights for Your Log Home

log home dining room with bright blue rugSkylights are a wonderful way to let more natural light into your log home. They are much more efficient at allowing light into the home than wall-mounted windows, and the natural light they admit has been shown to have positive psychological effects and lead to increased productivity.

Luxury Log Homes

One of the greatest things about log homes is their ability to be tailored to each homeowner’s taste and needs.  Much like that “little black dress” people are always going on about, a log home can be dressed up, or dressed down.  From ruggedly rustic to fancifully fantastic – anything is possible in a log home.

We’d like to highlight some of the details REAL™ log homeowners have added to their log homes that really make their log homes feel extra luxurious.

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