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Building a Median-Sized Home That is Anything But Average

We’re taking a break from our series on planning a log home, but will be back soon with details on the construction phase. For now, we will turn to a topic that is on the minds of many of our readers. Although it’s easy to only feature larger homes, most people looking to build a log home are seeking homes around 2500 square feet, about the average for all new construction. Consistently, people come to the blog week after week from searches like “three bedroom log home plan”. Since we feel that a median-sized home doesn’t have to be boring, we thought we’d review a few of our favorite mid-sized Real Log Homes.

Enjoying Time Spent in the Great Indoors – Log Home Style

Here in New England we recently experienced quite the blizzard.  With this experience we’ve all become newly familiar with the concept of staying in.  When trapped indoors for a while, it can make you think about your home in new ways.  From ‘I have got to get rid of that old wallpaper’, to ‘thank goodness we installed that new furnace last year!’  Being stuck indoors may even have you dreaming of a new home or cabin.  So, to help we’ve compiled a list of the top five ways to pass the winter in a Real Log Home.

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