not so big log home

Making the Most of a Small Kitchen

With all the features in a modern kitchen, it can be tempting to install as large a kitchen as possible. Many professional chefs, however, actually prefer a smaller home kitchen. After all, we may fantasize about cooking in a large kitchen, but no one ever fantasizes about cleaning a large kitchen! Here are some ideas the professionals use to build a fully-functional kitchen in a reasonable footprint.

Great Multi-Purpose Rooms

Last week, we discussed the etymology and evolution of a few less-common rooms that may be found in the log home. However, the general trend in the housing market is towards slightly smaller homes. This reduction in size means that for most homeowners, rooms need to be more functional and be utilized more often to make sense in the modern home. One way to accommodate this trend is through multi-function rooms that take on the roles previously served by multiple rooms. Here are a few examples of combination rooms that pull double (or more!) duty.

Modern Style Small Log Home

We love log homes, but even we can admit that it is possible to over-do logs.  When the walls, ceilings and floors are all logs or wood, it might not always be the best idea to use overly woodsy or rustic log furniture on top of all that.  In fact, a home with a lot of wood in the architecture is a great canvas for showcasing contrasting styles and textures.  This home below is one of my favorite log homes when it comes to decorating with contrasting styles.  In this case, the home is a small log home decorated with an eclectic modern style.

You Don't Need a Big House for Big Family Gatherings

Memorial Day weekend is almost here, and we're all getting excited for the official un-official start of summer.  Many people are bracing for big crowds as the hosts and hostesses of family barbecues and gatherings.  It gets a lot of folks wishing for a floor plan that's ideal for entertaining, with open spaces, lots of storage to hide clutter, and easy access to outdoor living spaces.  Unfortunately a lot of people then start thinking, "But I don't want a huge house!"  But really, you can have a house that works very well for big gatherings, and is quite comforta

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