Southeast, WI (10060)

Southeast, WI (10060)Southeast, WI (10060)Southeast, WI (10060)Southeast, WI (10060)Southeast, WI (10060)Southeast, WI (10060)Southeast, WI (10060)Southeast, WI (10060)Southeast, WI (10060)Southeast, WI (10060)Southeast, WI (10060)Southeast, WI (10060)Southeast, WI (10060)

He [our Independent Representative] had lots of experience with the log building process. Not only did he provide us with references of log homes he had built, but suggested we visit a Real log home that was under construction. Once a year we invite about 60-70 friends and relatives for a summer picnic. Between relaxing on the deck and fishing on the pontoon boat, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Our guests refer to this as 'going to the lodge,' which makes us feel great. We are so happy about how things turned out." - George and Susan Downs

Southeast, WI (10060)Southeast, WI (10060)Southeast, WI (10060)
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3 880.00
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