The Real Log Homes brand product line began with one man's vision of a home that blended harmoniously with the countryside. Jesse Ware handcrafted the first Real™ log home out of a stand of white pine trees in Hartland, Vermont, in 1963. Real Log Homes has since grown to become the leading pre-cut log home brand in North America.

Why Choose Real Log Homes?

As a new log home buyer you have many choices for designing and building the perfect new log home. How do you choose? Some log home manufacturers offer a top quality product. A few produce several log profiles and offer round log or square timber interior elements. Several offer on-site supervisors. A couple produce innovative designs and appropriate floor plans tailored to your site and your needs. Real Log Homes® offers all of these and more.

Real Log Homes Team

Here at Real Log Homes, we believe that a company is only as good as the people who work there. We have an amazing, talented and dedicated group here. Many have been with us since the beginning! Meet some of the oldest ... and newest ... faces of Real Log Homes.


For those who already have an interest in log homes and want to see some design possibilities and floor plan ideas, this porfolio floor plans and details about what is included in a typical Real Log Homes package. It also has photographs of log homes to get your creative juices flowing and inspire your own project.