From Concept to Keys

With over 60 years of experience and over 30,000 log homes across the globe, we know that designing and building a new home is both exciting and challenging. Whether it's your first or you've done this many times, our team is here to make the process smooth. The following section is a simplified outline of the and responsibilities for you, Real Log Homes, your Real Log Homes Representative, and your contractor. Some of these stages may overlap, but this outline should give you a good idea of the general sequence of events.

step 1



Whether you are currently looking or have already purchased your land, you have likely started to get inspiration and ideas for your dream home. The log home projects featured on our website are a great place to start. You will find photos, floor plans and even 3D virtual tours.

Once you have found that perfect property to build your Real Log Home, it's time to gather your ideas and reach out to your Real Log Homes representative. This individual may be a Regional Manager or a local Independent Representative and they are there to help answer questions and guide you through the process of designing and building your new log home. Together, you can discuss your budget, needs, and desires for your new home.

step 2

design & PACKAGE


Clients often come to us with an idea or concept in mind and they may even have drawings they sketched themselves.  Others start by reviewing our log home portfolio filled with hundreds of photos and floor plans. Seeing what other customers have done will not only help you choose a layout for your home but will allow you to choose the style and finish you prefer for your logs as well as other finishes in your home. With these details, your Real Log Homes representative should be able to provide you with a general price range.

design deposit

As soon as you and your Real Log Homes representative have discussed your budget and developed a general floor plan concept, it is time to execute a Real Log Homes Design Agreement and place a Design Deposit. The amount will be based on the square footage and/or complexity of your project and will be credited towards the price of your home when you sign a Real Log Homes contract.

design review and package

After executing your Design Agreement and submitting your deposit, our design team will work to create a preliminary set of plans based on the information submitted by you and your Real Log Homes representative. You will continue to work with your representative to make additional plan revisions. Once you are satisfied with your preliminary set of plans, your project will be submitted to our Estimating Department to price your Real Log Homes package. Your Real Log Homes representative will then review the plans and what is included in your package with you. While Real Log Homes has a "typical" package, each project is unique, and you may decide that certain materials or services are either not needed or should be added to your home.

step 3

contract & plans


Once you accept the preliminary design and pricing, it is time to sign a contract* and remit 10% of the package price. At this point, Real Log Homes will prepare the construction set of drawings**.

*Once you have accepted your Real Log Homes contract, please note that any revision to the plans will go to our Pricing Department for a change order. Pricing can take anywhere from two weeks to six weeks depending on the complexity of the changes made, including revisions from engineering. Any specifications or materials not included in your original contract, will also constitute a change order.

**In jurisdictions where stamped plans are required, our Design Department will coordinate with a third-party engineering firm for the needed log home structural services. A local engineer may be consulted if necessary.

step 4

you & your builder


Real Log Homes is a site-built custom home manufacturer. Real Log Homes is not a general contractor, you will be responsible for hiring and overseeing a general contractor / builder to construct your home. You may already have your own builder, but if not, your Real Log Homes Representative may be able to introduce you to builders in your area or may be a builder themselves.


Building codes and requirements vary across the country and may even differ not just state-to-state, but also by region. Depending upon where your build site is located, your contractor will need to secure all required building permits before accepting delivery of your Real Log Homes package. You will also need to arrange any necessary financing needed to complete the project.


Your contractor is responsible for site preparation, including water/sewer, and foundation work. Your Real Log Homes Representative will work with your contractor to coordinate timetables and prepare for the delivery of your Real Log Homes package.

step 5



Once your plans are engineered (if applicable) and approved, the 40% production payment will be due, and we can schedule your Real Log Homes package for production with our skilled craftsmen who will begin the process of cutting and profiling the materials.

At this time, your representative will work with support staff to confirm a load date for your package. You can expect that our support staff will be in constant communication with your sales representative, updating them on the status of your project and notifying them of any expected delays. We make every effort to meet all deadlines and schedules, but, as with all construction, there may be circumstances out of our control. When this occurs, we will communicate with your representative as soon as possible so everyone can plan ahead.

Two weeks prior to the confirmed load date, your final payment for your Real Log Homes package will be due.

step 6

packing & delivery


Once production is complete, and we have received your final payment, Real Log Homes will prepare your package for transport.

All components are bundled and wrapped with protective paper and placed on flatbed trucks for delivery. Great care is taken to minimize the number of truckloads required for each project.


Your package is then delivered to your site by an insured independent transport company. Often, the fees for delivery are included in the package costs, but on occasion there may be a separate fee.


If you are working with one of our Independent Representatives, they will be on-site to help verify that everything was shipped and delivered as specified. If you are working directly with one of our Regional Managers, they may be on-site during delivery, however, as each project is unique, in some circumstances it may be more efficient for the Regional Manager to work with you, your builder, or your on-site project manager to develop the best plan for delivery.

step 7



Once your package is delivered, all components should be sorted and inventoried. Since the logs were marked before leaving our facility, stacking the logs is generally a quick and easy process for an experienced crew. Upon completion of the log walls, the rafter system will be assembled and then the tongue and groove ceiling and floor decking is installed. This cost-efficient method of construction saves both labor and material, as the decking is the floor of the upper level, as well as the ceiling of the lower level. You will also receive a copy of the Real Log Homes Construction Manual which includes information, details and illustrations to help you and your builder during the construction process.

*In many regions, in order to meet code requirements, it is necessary to add insulation to the roof of your log home. In these situations, we offer Structural Insulated Panels as an additional option. SIPs will be used that conform to whatever R-value is required.

step 8

make yourself at home


The day you’ve been waiting for has finally arrived. Your home is finished and all that’s left to do is move in and throw a big party to celebrate. Enjoy!