The Real Log Homes brand product line began with one man's vision of a home that blended harmoniously with the countryside. Jesse Ware handcrafted the first Real™ log home out of a stand of white pine trees in Hartland, Vermont, in 1963. Real Log Homes has since grown to become the leading pre-cut log home brand in North America.

The first Real Log Home (or Vermont Log as it was known at the time),
built by Jesse Ware and still standing today in Hartland, Vermont.

Real Log Homes® is one of the oldest names in the log home industry. We're dedicated to designing some of the most unique log homes in the world—durable, comfortable, elegant log homes with an easy sophistication. When you select Real Log Homes, you are choosing an experienced design and manufacturing team with 57 years of time-honored craftsmanship and exceptional personal service.

Another one of the first Real Log Homes, which still stands in Hartland, Vermont.

Our design and manufacturing process has evolved into a highly precise process using a state-of-the-art CNC cutting machine, called a Hundegger. This process saves our clients time and money by reducing waste and the time needed to construct one of our log homes.  It has also allowed us to expand our design capabilities and options. When we first began building these homes, modifications were extremely limited and most of our customers purchased a "kit" straight from our catalog. Although we still have many standard REAL LOG HOMES® floor plans to peruse and select from, today, the majority of our homes are custom designed based on the individual homeowners' wants and needs.

Although we've evolved and modernized our design and manufacturing process since 1963,
we still use many of the same hand-craft techniques we used originally. 

And with a network of Independent Representatives across the country and worldwide who have sold more than 30,000 REAL LOG HOMES® brand log homes over the past 6 decades, we're sure your log home building experience will be wonderful and that your REAL™ Log Home will be ...So nice to come home to.