Real Log’s Liberty and Voyager Cabins

Last week, we discussed the Cavendish, our largest cabin. At 1136 square feet it is the size of a small house, perfect for long stays and sleeping up to seven people. If you’re looking for a woods retreat for two or a small family, however, then a more modest cabin may be in order. The Liberty is our smallest cabin at 432 square feet, while the Voyager is a bit larger at 552 square feet. Even though both plans are less than half the size of the Cavendish, they offer plenty of amenities for small groups.

The Liberty Real Log Cabin

The features of the Liberty start before entering the door. No log cabin would be complete without a porch, and the Liberty has a covered porch great for removing muddy footwear before heading inside. Once you enter the door, you can see that the front of the cabin is the public space while the rear contains the bedroom and bathroom. Since walls and hallways are poor uses of space, the front of the cabin is one continuous space. A galley kitchen on the right wall provides plenty of prep room between full size appliances. Since the living and dining space is entirely open, you can tailor this space to your needs.

The Liberty Real Log Cabin Floor Plan

Moving to the rear of the house, there is a common closet that can be used for clothes, linens, or general storage. The closet also frames a short hallway, providing some privacy to the bedroom. While the bedroom lacks a closet of its own, it has room for a dresser or two. If you like the Liberty plan but need a bit more space, you can order it with an optional 180 square foot loft.

The Voyager Real Log Cabin

Since the Voyager plan has a bit more space, it gains a few more features. The porch here is 72 square feet, providing enough space for a few chairs. Entering the cabin, you arrive in a distinct living area separate from the kitchen. The kitchen is still a galley type, with space behind it for dining. There is again a closet between the living area and kitchen, providing welcome storage.

The Voyager Real Log Cabin Floor Plan

The increased space of the Voyager can also be seen in the bedrooms and bathroom. The Voyager has two bedrooms for added privacy, and the master bedroom gains a large closet for clothes storage. The bathroom also gains enough space for a double vanity.

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