Real Log Style Comes Home

This will be the last week for the Real Log Style blog at But don’t worry, dear readers, for the blog isn’t going away but merely moving to a new location! In two weeks, after a week off for the holidays, the blog will resume directly on Real Log Homes’ website. This is a part of a large update to the Real Log Homes site which just went live. With the new site come plenty of great new features. Here are a few of the biggest improvements.

The new site looks great across all mobile devices

The most immediately striking change is how much better the website looks across all devices. While the Real Log Homes site was always a great experience on a desktop, mobile browsing had some room for improvement. Now, no matter which device you use, phone, tablet or desktop, your interaction with the Real Log Homes website should be a great one!

By clicking on the log cabin icon, you can save a gallery or floor plan for future use.

One of the most exciting features is the ability to save projects that you like. If you register a username at our website, you can save image galleries and floor plans that you like by clicking on the log cabin icon that appears when you hover the mouse above an image. Then, the projects you have saved will appear in the “MyReal Home” section. This makes it easy to find projects you like or to contact us for more information on a project.

The Independent Representative pages have been completely revamped.

The pages for Independent Representatives (IRs) have been totally reworked. Now, when you search for an IR, you will not only get contact information but also see galleries and floor plans for many of the homes that the IR has worked on. It’s very helpful to see some the wonderful houses your IR has already built. Why not give it a try and search for IRs near you?

The photo galleries and floor plans are now closely linked and have additional features.

The photo gallery has also been completely renovated. Before, the home’s photo gallery might lie on a different page from related items like the floor plan and a virtual tour. Now, all these features are presented together so you can see a home’s floor plan and photographs in one place. You can also sort the photos and view only interior or exterior shots, read testimonials from the owner, and see contact details for the IR that built the home.

Of course, the blog will also find a great home on the new site.

These are only a few of the many great updates on the new Real Log Homes website. Please come check out the new site; we’ll see you there for a new blog in two weeks as well! If you haven’t signed up for blog updates yet, please sign up at the new site! In the meantime, have a very, Merry Christmas!