Real Log Style

Log Profile: What’s Your Choice?

In our last post, we discussed how the log exterior could be accompanied by other details like stone and stucco. After posting, we realized that we have yet to devote a post to discussing the various log profiles we offer. While the external accents of stone and stucco are nice additions to the log home, the appeal of the logs themselves are what attract us all to the log home design. Therefore, we decided to talk in this post about log profiles we offer and to share a few examples of each.

Exterior Details for Your Log Home

At Real Log Homes, we naturally love the classic look of a house built with logs. While we appreciate the classical style of a log home, many buyers wish to add additional style elements to the exterior of their homes. Since every Real Log Home is customized to the owner’s desires, we are more than happy to design our homes to realize these wishes. In this post, we will highlight a few of our log homes that have used stone and stucco to accentuate their exterior visual appeal.

Skylights for Your Log Home

log home dining room with bright blue rugSkylights are a wonderful way to let more natural light into your log home. They are much more efficient at allowing light into the home than wall-mounted windows, and the natural light they admit has been shown to have positive psychological effects and lead to increased productivity.


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