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Making the Most of a Small Kitchen

With all the features in a modern kitchen, it can be tempting to install as large a kitchen as possible. Many professional chefs, however, actually prefer a smaller home kitchen. After all, we may fantasize about cooking in a large kitchen, but no one ever fantasizes about cleaning a large kitchen! Here are some ideas the professionals use to build a fully-functional kitchen in a reasonable footprint.

Kitchen Appliances Old and New

Although the march of technology may sometimes make it feel as if everything is changing quickly, some items we use every day have changed very little over the years. One such category of items is kitchen appliances like ovens and ranges. The gas range has been relatively unchanged in function for 150 years, while electric resistance ranges are also over 100 years old. Even seemingly new technologies like induction cooking have been available to the home cook for about 40 years. As a result, the choice of major kitchen appliances is driven more by personal taste than any modern functionality. Whatever your taste in appliances, a log home is the perfect backdrop for your dream kitchen.

Building a Home that Promotes a Healthy Lifestyle

We all periodically resolve to live a healthier lifestyle, but finding the motivation to follow through on our resolutions can be challenging. Most of us get into a routine from which it is difficult to change. For this reason, psychologists have found that one of the easiest ways to change our behavior is by changing the environment in which we live. Since moving into a new home is a radical change in environment, it is the perfect time to make design choices that will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. If you want to design a log home that helps keep you healthy, here are some ideas to consider.

Building a Home for Mom: Entertaining

In honor of Mother’s Day, we’re spending the weeks leading up to May 10th discussing the features that the modern mom looks for in a home. Last Sunday we discussed designing a home with the right amount and type of storage. This week we’ll consider entertaining space, which is a prime consideration for today’s homebuyer. The way we entertain has changed and as a result home design is changing as well. As you will see, a Real Log Home can perfectly accommodate modern or more classic entertaining demands.

Building a Home for Mom: Storage

With Mother’s Day only three weeks away, we thought now was a great time to focus on the features in a home that are a must-have for the modern mother. Mom’s today work harder than ever, both in and away from the home. This makes it all the more important that the home is a sanctuary that functions efficiently. There are many features that are important to the modern buyer, and we will focus on one in each of the coming weeks. This week, we will discuss the all-important issue of storage.

A July 4th Celebration: A Lakeside Real Log Home in Missouri

The 4th of July is America's holiday. It marks that summer is in full swing and we look forward to celebrating the holiday by barbequing, swimming, playing badminton and other lawn games and of course, fireworks. In order to celebrate this great country in which we live, we must find an amazing location to host our annual party! The perfect venue to celebrate America is most certainly a Real Log Home. This week's featured home is a fantastic lakeside log home located in Shell Knob, Missouri.

Making a Colorful Statement in Your Log Home

Using color in your log home sounds simple - of course there's color in your home - but it's how you use color that will really enhance the beauty already found there. There are a multitude of ways to exemplify the natural beauty of your log home by using color in thoughtful and specific ways. From kitchen cabinets to accent walls, lets uncover some great ways to add more color in your world!


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