A Log Home Designed for the Holidays

Thanksgiving is little more than a month away, with the winter holidays following shortly thereafter. Since many people entertain large numbers of guests for holiday parties, it is a great time to think about how to design the log home with these events in mind. Here are some design tips for log home rooms that will help make sure your large parties go off without a hitch.


luxury log home kitchen

A few weeks ago, we discussed kitchen layout rules like the kitchen triangle concept. These design rules are of course still valid when you entertain for large parties, but several additional considerations will help make your kitchen more functional. Throwing a large party naturally will involve preparing more food, so planning for more counter space for food preparation is a good idea. There also will likely be more people helping prepare food than with everyday meals. You should plan a kitchen space with enough room to accommodate the additional help, even if kitchen duties are regularly handled by one person. A double oven is also very handy when hosting a large party, providing the flexibility to cook at multiple temperatures and providing necessary room when large items like turkeys take up an entire oven by themselves.

The open concept kitchen is very popular with today’s log homeowner and can be convenient when hosting smaller parties where the guests wish to mingle with the hosts. When hosting a larger party, however, it is often nice to remove the clutter and commotion of the kitchen from the entertaining space. If you tend to throw larger parties, then a more traditional kitchen separated from rest of the house may be preferable. If you wish to have flexibility in the openness of the kitchen, consider a kitchen that can be closed off from the entertaining space by sliding barn doors or pocket doors.



When throwing large parties, you will want to make sure your dining space can accommodate all of your guests. If the dining space is too small, guests will have to eat in separate rooms and may feel excluded. Thankfully, the open character of a Real Log Home allows you to build as large a dining room necessary to fit your needs. If you want a cozier dining room for everyday use, consider planning a dining room with a large opening into other entertaining space like the great room. You can expand your table into the great room for special occasions, while maintaining the defined space of a dining room for everyday use.



Planning for appropriate guest bathrooms is certainly important if you are entertaining large numbers of people. A dedicated half-bath on the entertaining floor will make both guests and residents more at ease with large parties. Placement is important, since it is ideal that the bathroom be close to entertaining areas yet discreet. For example, a bathroom placed near the great room, but opening into a small hallway, provides convenience and privacy.

If you’d like to browse for log home floor plan ideas, make sure to check out Real Log Home’s selection of floor plans from small to large.  And, if you’ve already got some design ideas in mind, or don’t even know where to start, feel free to call Real Log Homes today or fill out the form below for more information.  In fact, we’d like to think Real Log Homes has just the right team to make your holiday season an entertaining success, from award-winning designers to a network of skilled builders.

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