Log Home Kitchen Counter Choices

Log Home Kitchen Counter Choices

When designing a log home it’s important to think of how the design elements within the home will work with the abundance of natural wood tones.  This is particularly true in the kitchen.  It can be a place to fully embrace the look of wood or showcase various other materials in contrast to the logs.  Here are some of our favorite countertop material ideas.

Man Made Quartz

This beautiful countertop option comes in a variety of colors.  It’s generally a smooth look with minimal variance.  The solid surface makes it easy to clean.  This look works particularly well with modern design elements, like the stainless steel and sleek cabinets like in the log home kitchen above.  To see an expansive offering of manmade quartz countertop colors and patterns, visit Cambria’s website.


Log Cabin Kitchen

Granite is another very popular choice for log home kitchens.  It has been a trendy choice for many years now.  While it can be expensive, the material is very resilient.  There’s no need to use a trivet to protect your counters, it’d be better to use a trivet to protect your food from getting the heat seeped out by this igneous beauty.



While not as easy to maintain, tile can offer its own beauty and style.  It is generally less expensive than other solid surface alternatives.  So for kitchen spaces that won’t see daily use, such as vacation home kitchens or bar areas, tile can be a smart choice.

Mixed Materials

modern log home kitchen

Of course, there is no reason you have to pick just one countertop material for your log home kitchen!  The log home above has three different materials.  The majority of the countertops are quartz.  Other sections are wood, such as the butcher block to the left of the prep sink.  The third material is a beautiful slate that arcs along the eat-at counter.  With such variation in countertop material, it’s advisable to maintain the same cabinet design so as not to feel too scattered.

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