Log Homes for All the Years Ahead

Log Homes for All the Years Ahead

Log homes from Real Log Homes® are built to last for generations.  So if you’re planning to build a log home, you should consider not only what needs you have today, but also what needs you will have in the future.  Is this a log home for retirement?  Then you’ll want to consider using Universal Design to lay out the ideal log home floor plan.

What is Universal Design?

Universal Design (or UD) is an architectural design system that strives to allow people of all ages and levels of mobility to comfortably live in a home over many years.  Here are some of the considerations to think about when planning a UD log home.

Wider halls and doors

This log home hallway (shown above) is wide and well lit.  Sometimes hallways can feel dark and cave like, so keeping them wider not only helps those who need room for a cane or wheel chair, but it helps a log home feel more open and cheerful in general.

log home dining room with pocket doors

This log home dining room (shown above) is separated from the living room by double wide pocket doors.  As with wider hallways, wider doors allow for easier flow of traffic and make a log home feel more open.  Pocket doors are also a good idea because they take up less space.  Just make sure that they slide easily and that the handles are large enough for both young and old hands alike to operate.

Easy access kitchen

modern log home kitchen

This modern style log home kitchen (shown above) has great function for people of all ages.  There are minimal upper cabinets, which allows for more windows.  Most of the lower cabinets have drawers which slide out, making access to cookware much easier.  The corner cabinet houses a lazy-Susan  which rotates fully to make reaching everything inside much simpler.

Hard surface flooring choices

log home entry with tile and hardwood floors

This log home entry (shown above) shows a combination of two flooring choices.  For the floor just inside the front entrance the homeowners chose a resilient and long-lasting tile.  Beyond the entry area, the floor transitions to hardwood.  Both of these are good choices for designing a UD log home.  Not only will hard surfaces be easier to clean through the years, and promote healthier indoor air quality, but they are also easier to traverse.

First floor master bedroom

log home master bedroom with sliding patio doors

This log home master bedroom (shown above) is on the first floor.  This has become a popular choice for many log homeowners in recent years.  It is wise to avoid unnecessary trips up and down stairs.  And if you have a pet which might need to be let outside at night, you most certainly want to avoid climbing stairs in the dark.  So, a first-floor master is a good choice not only for convenience, but also for safety later in life.  Often times, a downstairs room such as a den or library can be converted into a bedroom at a later date.

Laundry and Other Appliances

log home laundry room with laundry sink and sunny windows

This log home laundry room (shown above) is spacious and well lit.  It also happens to be on the same level as the master bedroom.  Walking up and down stairs with a laundry basket can be dangerous for persons of all ages, so having the laundry on the same floor as where the clothes are stored is a wise choice.  Also, a side-by-side washer and dryer set is easier to use than a stacked set.

Universal Design Conclusion

While nobody likes to think about getting older, it does happen to us all. The nice thing about designing a log home with Universal Design in mind, is that your log home will be more comfortable and easier to live in both now and later.  And once you move in to your custom designed, precision crafted Real Log Home®, we are confident that you’ll be wanting to stay for many years to come. Call Real Log Homes today or fill out the form below for more information


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