Cozy Up in a Log Home Bedroom

Cozy Up in a Log Home Bedroom

When the thermometer outside reads -20°F (as it did here in New Hampshire earlier this week), it’s hard to want to get out of bed in the morning.  Of course, when you live in a log home and have an extra snug bedroom, it can be hard to want to leave your bedroom any time of year.  There’s just something in particular about this time of year, when the snow piles up outside, or the cold wind howls, that really makes us want to cozy up, and hunker down (preferably under some goose down!)

This log home bedroom (above) has the extra warm addition of a wood stove.  And of course, some homemade muffins and fresh coffee served in bed also makes it quite difficult to want to leave.  The unfortunate part though in any bedroom; somebody has to get out of bed to go make the coffee.

california log home with fireplace and french doors

This California log home bedroom (above) also has the warmth of fire, but this one is a gas fireplace.  And with gas fireplace technology nowadays, you can start a fire with the click of a remote control button.  But once again, somebody still has to get out of bed, this time to go make mimosas!  Just imagine watching the snow fall through those sliding glass patio doors as you’re cozy in bed sipping mimosas and reading a good book as the fire glows.

log home bedroom with jacuzzi outside

Of course, if you feel like you have to get out of bed and go outside – having a hot tub right out the door might just lure you out (like in the log home bedroom photo above.)

log home bedroom with vaulted ceilings

This log home bedroom (above) has a sunny reading chair to cuddle up in when the snow starts to fall.  The king sized, four poster bed piled with quilts and pillows helps to fill the space in this grand bedroom.  The height of the bed posters works especially well with the vaulted ceilings.

log home bedroom with rustic log bed and furniture

In a log home bedroom you can use many styles of bedroom furniture to make your space feel cozy, from the obvious rustic style log furniture…..

log home bedroom with black bed and quilt

….to more sophisticated and formal furniture:

No matter how you decorate a log home bedroom, and whether or not you have a gas fireplace, wood stove, or no fire at all, we hope you stay warm and cozy this winter.  If you live in a Real Log Home® it shouldn’t be too hard since the log home kits are precisely cut to be air-tight and energy-efficient.  But whether or not you live in a log home, we hope you’re staying warm – and best of luck deciding who has to get up and make the coffee!

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