The Days Are Longer and the Log Homes are Brighter

The Days Are Longer and the Log Homes are Brighter

While it still may be winter, the days are indeed getting longer. We’re starting to plan out our gardens and think of all the outdoor plans we have for when the temperatures finally start to warm up as well. But until that time, we’re spending most of our time inside. So, we wanted to write a post about how to plan your log home to take advantage of as much sunlight as you can. We’ve got three tips for doing just that.

1) Windows That Face the Correct Direction

log home great room with wall of windows and leather furniture

We all know that the sun comes up in the east and sets in the west.  And for those of us in the United States, the sun is also at a southerly angle as well (more acutely so in winter).  That means that the north side of a log home will not typically see much sunlight, if any.  So if you have visions of sun streaming through the wall of windows in your great room, like the log home great room above, don’t put your great room on the north side of your home.  Or, if the great room really needs to be on the north side to take in a view, then consider adding skylights to the room to at least provide natural light overhead.  The great room above also has skylights.

2) The right style of windows

log home great room with prow wall of windows

Small vertical windows have their appeal stylistically, but nothing lets the light in like a large wide window.  To get even more sun into your windows, consider building out a bay in a dining room or kitchen to let in more light.  Also, using a prow design will increase the angles at which your windows collect sunlight.  Take the log home great room above for example.  It has a prow design and the room extends out at two angles which meet at a point.  It’s great for taking in more light, and more views.

3) Fewer Interior Walls

log home open floor plan

Let the sunshine go further by reducing the number of interior walls in your home.  With the unique building techniques available from Real Log Homes, you can plan your new log home with large open spaces.  The soaring ceilings and open feel can help even a small amount of natural light really brighten your home.


Proper window planning can make for great indoor gardening as well!  So, if you’re dreaming of lounging in your log home and enjoying the rays of sunshine, start your log home planning today. Call Real Log Homes today or fill out the form below for more information.


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