Garage Upgrades for Your Log Home

With Father’s Day this weekend, and the official start of summer next week, now is a great time to think about upgrades for the original “man cave”, the garage. Although a garage can just be a place to park your vehicles, a few upgrades to the space can make it much more usable. We will discuss garage upgrades in this post, from some small additions to great improvements that will make your garage the envy of others.


Log Home Garage

Over time, garage floors can become quite soiled from use. Oil stains from cars and power equipment can leave the surface looking very tired. One way to rejuvenate your garage is to upgrade the floor to resist stains. An epoxy finish has a professional look that is resistant to oil and water while being easy to clean and inexpensive to apply.  You can buy a kit with everything you need to apply the epoxy finish for around $150 per garage bay or have it installed professionally. After cleaning the floor and applying an etching solution, you paint the epoxy onto the floor in the same manner as you would paint a wall. After the finish dries, you have a great-looking, durable finish.


Log Home Custom Garage Addition

A cluttered garage is not nearly as useful as a well-organized garage, so consider what storage solutions would help you get the most out of your garage. For a simple way to improve your storage, consider adding pegboard to hold tools and wall or ceiling hooks to hold larger items like ladders and bicycles. Ceiling-mounted racks are a great way to keep less used items out of the way until they are needed. You should also consider adding drawers to any workbenches you have to hold your tools and adding cabinets to store bulkier items like gardening equipment.



One of the ultimate additions to any garage for someone who loves cars is a lift. If you have a tall garage that can accommodate a lift (and several thousand dollars to spend on one), then you can more easily work on or store your cars. If you want to store a less-used vehicle above your garage floor, then a four-post lift that supports the entire vehicle at the wheels is what you need. If you want to work on your vehicles, then a two-post lift that raises the vehicle by the frame or body will be a godsend compared to working on jack stands. In either case, a lift may be the ultimate addition to your garage.

So whether or not you need some specialized space to store your hot rods (like the ones seen in front of this log home), or you’d just like to spruce your garage up and make it more usable – investing some time into the garage can make for a wonderful Father’s Day present.  If you have any questions about the log homes shown in this post, please feel free to call Real Log Homes today or fill out the form below for more information.  Happy Father’s Day!

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