Luxury Log Homes

One of the greatest things about log homes is their ability to be tailored to each homeowner’s taste and needs.  Much like that “little black dress” people are always going on about, a log home can be dressed up, or dressed down.  From ruggedly rustic to fancifully fantastic – anything is possible in a log home.

We’d like to highlight some of the details REAL™ log homeowners have added to their log homes that really make their log homes feel extra luxurious.

Deluxe Outdoor Living Spaces

To make outdoor living spaces feel luxurious, many homeowners invest in durable stone hard-scaping to create an outdoor living area that feels like an extension of the log home’s interior.  While the upfront cost of a real stone patio, installed properly with a good drainage base, is quite expensive – it will last for many years.  Simply imagining how enjoyable it would be to dine al fresco on this stone patio (above) has us longing for summer evenings and a glass of chilled Chardonnay.

A Gourmet Kitchen

luxury log home kitchen

Let’s face it – cooking isn’t always easy.  But at least with an investment in high-quality appliances and durable and beautiful materials, you’ll hopefully be a bit less stressed about it.  Granted, a six-burner professional grade range, with pot filler water spigot (shown in the kitchen above) won’t magically make you into Bobby Flay, but it certainly won’t hurt.  And all the easy to clean countertop space in this kitchen would certainly help for tasks like rolling pie dough or other space intensive culinary endeavors.  We think splurging for a luxurious kitchen is a delicious place to invest.

A Place To Keep Your Four-Wheeled Family

luxury log home garage

Some of our homeowners have a serious love for their cars.  The homeowner who owns the garage shown above, loved his so much that he added an entire garage wing onto his log home to house his ATV’s and Hummer.  The garage addition is connected to the log home via a log porte-cochère.

A Dedicated Workout Space

log home gym

Adding a dedicated workout space to a log home has been a popular trend in recent years.  While it’s important to adhere to New Year’s resolutions and all, and this log home gym (shown above) does look very nice and luxurious, we’re still thinking about all the not-so-healthy things we’d like to cook in that luxurious gourmet log home kitchen.

A Master Bathroom for Relaxation

log home bathroom with soaker tub

After all that working out in your home gym, it sure would be nice to relax aching muscles in a jetted soaking tub.  This luxurious log home master bathroom (shown above) has just such a tub.  For many years, our clients have found having a separate tub and shower to be a very desirable feature for master bathrooms.  Throw in a double vanity so that you don’t have to share a sink with your spouse, and your master bathroom is on the way to becoming a luxurious relaxation room.

We hope you’ve enjoyed taking a glimpse at some of the luxurious additions that REAL™ log homeowners have chosen to dress up their log homes.  To show how versatile a log home can be, we’ll be highlighting some rustic log home details in our next posting, so stay tuned, and be sure to subscribe to be notified of updates.

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