Circle 9 Ranch: A Real Log Home Texas Retreat

Circle 9 Ranch: A Real Log Home Texas Retreat

When I say Texas ranch – you probably think of cattle roaming on open plains, amber grain blowing in the summer breeze and of course, cowboys . This week’s featured Real Log Home is a beautiful country retreat nestled in the heart of Texas. It’s a true southern ranch, named Circle 9, that boasts classic country style with quintessential log home charm.

The Property

Circle 9 Ranch sits on 47 beautiful acres in Texas. The property has unique ancient oak trees and pecan orchards; the homeowners built the retreat as their dream retirement home and as the saying goes, dreams really do come true!

The driveway entrance shown at right shows the expansive farmers porch that welcomes as you turn off the dirt road onto the property.

A Texas Welcome

Log Home Porch

After you park your car (or horse) step right up onto the porch where, if you’re lucky, an ice-cold sweet tea awaits you. The porch faces the south towards the driveway and as you relax, gaze up to see the handiwork of the rounded contour half logs on the ceiling above you.

Stunning Interior

Real Log Home Texas Ranch

The scope of the great room from this vantage point demonstrates that this is not your run-of-the-mill log home. Circle 9 Ranch is a real treat for those who love interior designing and also, those who admire a log homes’ natural beauty.

The arched doorway as you enter helps illustrate the custom log craftsmanship found in this home. An open floor plan, like the one shown in the photo, above allows family and friends in different rooms to be unhindered by walls. Open plans create multiple rooms out of one big room – so the conversation and space never end. The full round stairs balusters and railings with half log steps are wonderful to see with the stone back drop. I always love seeing a log home play-off of different materials – in this case it’s stone and wood.

Real Log Home Interior Windows

The log home photo above shows the great room, but from this angle, our backs are to the entry way. The wall of windows shows off the beauty of a Texas sunset while the home is beaming from the finish on the interior log walls. From a construction standpoint, you can see the log frame clearly in this photo and the soaring ceiling heights make the room feel grand, yet cozy. The plush leather sofas mixed in with hardwood coffee table in a different finish are the best combination to bring warmth to such a large, open space.

Log Home Bathroom

As we continue our tour inside the ranch, we find ourselves in an enviable lavatory. It’s easy to forget that this is an important space that needs the right TLC – pedestal sink, perfect wallpaper and well-suited decorations. I love the plaid custom twig chair and wooden medicine cabinet the homeowners placed here.

Log Home Exterior

Our final view of Circle 9 Ranch is taken from outside in the pasture. From this view, we’re able to see the expansive home in all of its glory. I can’t think of a better way to end a day than an absolutely majestic Texas sunset adorning a Real Log Home!

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